Get Fit Like Nobody’s Watching – Early Morning Exercise In Hanoi

THE CITY WHERE EXERCISE IS CULTURE | Darrin Henry Watching people doing early morning exercise in Hanoi on the Hồ Hoàn Kiếm Lake is a phenomenon we’ll never forget. There’s a crazy little thing photographers tend to do; set the alarm for stupid o’clock to

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Temple of Literature in Hanoi – Quoc Tu Giam

VIETNAM EDUCATION MEMORIAL | Sharon Henry The Temple of Literature in Hanoi aka Quoc Tu Giam is an excellent place to visit for respite when the bustle of the Vietnam capital becomes overwhelming. It’s one of the cool things to do in Hanoi – literally.

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Right Click: Watch Amazing Train Track Running Through The Narrow Train Street In Hanoi

MIND THE GAP | Darrin Henry The train track running through the narrow Train Street in Hanoi was something we just HAD to experience for ourselves. As photographers, every now and again we capture an image where the process behind the ‘click’ is almost

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Ao Dai In Vietnam – Photoshoot With Vietnamese Girls In Hanoi

FIRST TIME VIETNAMESE MODELS | Darrin Henry The moment I saw Vietnamese girls wearing the ao dai in Vietnam I was captivated and immediately wanted to do a photoshoot to add to my portfolio. The ao dai is a traditional dress in Vietnam, a

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“Life Is Too Short” – A Young Vietnamese Opinion On The American War

VIETNAM WELCOMES EVERYONE | Sharon Henry My limited education of the ‘Vietnam War’ comes from biased American movies, so it was humbling hearing a young Vietnamese opinion on the American War. "Sometimes people ask me, why do you smile at the Americans and the French

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Surprising Sung Sot Cave In Halong Bay

VIETNAM’S UNDERGROUND GEM | Darrin Henry We all hate being ripped off so isn’t it great when you feel you’re getting your money’s worth for something? Tour excursions are a good example; it’s wonderful when half way through a tour you find yourself going, “wow, this is awesome!” This is

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Finding Love, Food and Fashion At The Hanoi Night Market

HÀNG ĐÀO STREET LIFE | Darrin Henry If you are considering a visit to Hanoi, Vietnam, I have to recommend the Hanoi night market as a great cultural experience for a Saturday night out. Before coming to Southeast Asia the thought of visiting a street

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How to Make a Quick Million in Hanoi

FIRST IMPRESSIONS OF VIETNAM | Sharon Henry For many of us the sensation of visiting and discovering a new country can sometimes be intimidating yet mixed with an equal measure of excitement. We feel an intriguing vibe the moment we arrive at Vietnam’s Hanoi airport, like we're on the cusp of something special.

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Visiting The Impressive National Museum of Vietnamese History

AN UNEXPECTED EDUCATION | Darrin Henry We have just entered the National Museum of Vietnamese History in Hanoi and already I like this place. Perhaps it’s the friendly ticket office staff followed by the young guard who greets us shyly at the door, or is

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How We Survived The Crocodiles Crossing The Street In Hanoi Vietnam

FIRST DAY EXCITEMENT IN VIETNAM | Darrin Henry We’ve all held our breath watching wildlife TV shows when a herd of wildebeest cross a crocodile infested river – well, crossing the street in Hanoi Vietnam is equivalent to that! The players in this scenario are the

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