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Aliyah Crowie wins Miss St Helena 2022, The Show Reel Edition

Aliyah Crowie, a 17-year-old, apprentice teaching assistant, who lives in Half Tree Hollow, became Miss St Helena 2022, with Shanice Phillips, the first runner-up, and Kerisha Francis, second runner-up. Video Show Reels were the highlight of the show filmed at St Helena visitor attractions.

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Latisha Fowler Crowned Miss St Helena 2020

Latisha Fowler, a 17-year old Immigration Trainee, from Sandy Bay, who is “keeping our borders safe,” was crowned Miss St Helena 2020 to the sound of enthusiastic approval from an audience of over 500 people, as the new Attention Seeker feature was introduced

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Rockfall Protection Systems In St Helena – Tackling A Natural Hazard

We’re perched on a slope just above Ladder Hill road watching rockfall protection systems being installed. I shield my eyes and brace against the downdraft of the Airbus AS350 squirrel helicopter hovering noisily overhead. Proximity of the helicopter blades to the rock face is

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St Helena Covid-19 Diary – Saints In Isolation Again

St Helena is possibly still Covid-19 free at the time of writing this on 28 March, 2020, but it seems unlikely to remain that way much longer. Last night it was announced that one of the 37 passengers who arrived on the last flight

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Happy St Helena Day 2018 – The Good Ole Days Float Parade

GUNNY BAGS, FLAX AND BOSTON DANCING | We Saints love a good street and float parade and today’s celebration of St Helena Day brought on smiles, foot tapping and merriment as the island marked 516 years since discovery. The floats are always the highlight

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Gemma Lawrence Is Miss St Helena 2018

THOUSANDS AROUND THE WORLD TUNED IN TO ST HELENA The largest ever audience for a live event taking place on St Helena, watched as Gemma Lawrence, a 21-year-old Customs Officer from the St Paul’s district, was crowned Miss St Helena 2018 on Saturday night

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Time-lapse: The St Helena Bird Whisperer

SAMMI CHERRETT, 37, PUTTY HILL | “When I first arrived here I was working at the Marine Department. One day somebody brought in this little tiny Fairy Tern chick in a box. It was going to be put to sleep because there was nobody

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Time-lapse St Helena: The Guitar Maker

TREVOR MAGELLAN, 85, BRIARS | Sharon Henry “It took me about two weeks to make my first guitar. “When I was a boy about 16-17 (1948-49), one of my closest friends Herman Anderson was given a nice Brazilian guitar. I felt a wee bit envious

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