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Coming From St Helena Island

Quizzical eyebrows and a hesitant look is an occasional reaction from people when we refer to ourselves as ‘Saints.’ Let’s clear that up first, in case you’re wondering. People born on the Island of St Helena are called St Helenians, or ‘Saints’ for short.

“What The Saints Did Next” is simply the name of our blog; our photography and filmmaking profile that allows the two of us to share our passion, and sometimes random, ‘Adventures in Photography.’

Married, no kids and with an ongoing ambition to travel and see as much of the world as we can; that’s us, Darrin and Sharon Henry.

St Helena is a tiny island, just 48 square miles in size, in the South Atlantic Ocean.

Photographing Everything

Over the years we’ve photographed nearly everything you can think of: weddings, christenings and birthday parties. Family portraits, modelling portfolios and actors’ headshots.

In a previous life, working in London, we’ve shot a clothing line for a designer at London Fashion Week, a catalogue for a fancy dress company and promotional imagery for an amateur theatre group.

A few notable capers that stand out – we’ve been commissioned to photograph interiors of luxury flats, roller coasters in theme parks and even dead bodies in the morgue. Our cameras have given us special access below decks on a Royal Navy warship, window seats on a French helicopter and a caged encounter with great whites in South Africa.

Photography has certainly been far from dull.

From 2011 to 2014 we were completely immersed in editorial photography, while working for The Sentinel newspaper on St Helena, and in many ways an inspiration for What The Saints Did Next!


WTSDN – Pictures & A Thousand Words

In 2014 we started the ‘What The Saints Did Next’ adventure; a new kind of photographic challenge.

Producing photo-stories on blog has been a much more informal and fun style of journalism.

Whether it’s a street parade, a modelling shoot or travel adventure, we are capturing and posting the photo-stories of what we are seeing. Along the way we’ve also been acutely aware of the power of pictures to highlight important issues, to document historic moments and to start conversations in a way that only photographs can do.

Darrin, Istanbul street photography

WTSDN on YouTube

Video cameras were a part of our home studio long before WTSDN came along; back when VHS tape stored the images, a shoulder-mounted camcorder was the business and Windows was just a source of natural light. However, videography steadily gave way to photography over the years.

But then digital technology made amazing things possible and in 2020 we made a definite shift back towards filmmaking.

Our WTSDN YouTube Channel is the best place to see how things have developed from there.

Sharon shooting the Titan 757

The Photo-A-Day Challenge, Project 365

One of our most epic WTSDN adventures could almost be labelled under ‘camera OCD.’

On 31 December, 2018, we completed our third successive, year-long, photo-a-day challenge.

It’s basically capturing one new photograph every single day of the year. We started this on 1 January, 2016 and continued to shoot a daily picture every day afterwards without fail, for 1,096 days.

We decided to finish after three years, however, the entire project is still available to view, sorted in years and months.

Breeze E-Magazine

We’ve also produced ‘Breeze,’ an e-magazine for What The Saints Did Next subscribers. There have been five issues from January 2015 to 2019. Other projects taken priority lately, however, if time permits we are considering producing a 10th anniversary ‘Breeze’ issue for October 2024.

Taking To The Sky

At the end of 2020 we succumbed to the curiosity and bought our first drone, and so entered a completely new and incredibly exciting realm of photography and videography.

It’s actually been quite mind-blowing. The aerial possibilities now at our fingertips as content creators was completely unimaginable just a few years ago.

Landscape photography will never be the same again.

The Journey Continues

Since late 2022 (because of another project) we have been dividing our time between St Helena and the City of Hull, in northern England. Hull surprised us in a really positive way and, have to say, we’re really enjoying life in the north. In March 2024 we posted our first, proper UK video project, a visitor guide to Spurn Point.

So that’s a little about who we are. Hopefully you’ll enjoy the photography and stories and videos enough to become a follower. Just search What The Saints Did Next to find our different channels.

Thanks for visiting our blog.

Cheers for now

Darrin & Sharon

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