St Helena's amazing cloud forest in the Diana's Peak National Park.

Magic In The Mist: The St Helena Cloud Forest

BATTLE FOR THE NATIONAL PARK | Darrin Henry Machete wielding men have been stalking the upper slopes of St Helena’s central peaks for the last 20 years, hacking and digging out the New Zealand flax that has choked the landscape for decades. Replacing the sea of fluttering flax fingers are thousands and thousands of carefully…

Flowers of St Helena. 
'Brazilian vase plant' - billbergia pyramidalis
Photographed in March 2016 at Napoleon's Tomb.

The St Helena Flower Show Runs All Year

12 BLOOMING MARVELLOUS PICTURES | Darrin Henry Temperatures are dropping, long sleeve fleeces are everywhere and the wind is trying to take the roof off – it’s August on St Helena, need I say more? Tropical winter is here and it’s not much fun. Flowers Month By Month On St Helena We know what to…

Flagstaff Post Box walk is one of the easiest to do on St Helena and one we've done many times over the years.

Flagstaff Post Box Walk, St Helena

THE EASY-PEASY HIKE ON ST HELENA As hiking on St Helena goes, the Flagstaff post box is hardly expedition grade stuff; mountain boots or sustenance backpacks not necessary for what is essentially a scenic trail that begins on Deadwood Plain. At the same time, this should be on everyone’s list of outdoor activities if they…

Red billed tropic bird flying over St Helena Island.

Nature Photography Challenge

SEVEN PICTURES IN SEVEN DAYS | Darrin Henry Photographers on Facebook have recently been nominating each other for, #ChallengeOnNaturePhotography, a seven day nature photography challenge. After a little hesitation – nature photography is not my strongpoint (no patience) – I decided to give it a go. Clicking through the hard drives it turned out I…