The 230 year old clock in St James Church tower, Jamestown, St Helena.

The Fisherman’s Friend and The Time Machine

Stories from St James’ Church Tower | Sharon Henry The fairy terns suffered a bit of a shock recently when a large upside-down ice-cream cone hijacked their prime perching area on top of St James’ Church.  Unfortunately for them a spire has reclaimed the space after a 36 year absence to once again grace the…

Here are my tips and ideas for shooting good colour photography.

How To Improve Your Colour Photography

GET CREATIVE WITH COLOUR PHOTOGRAPHY | Darrin Henry So, colour photography, why does that need its own special mention? Each time I do, Sharon argues “colour photography is just, photography,” what am I making a fuss about? There’s A Reward On Offer Although photography was born in black and white; colour soon followed, but it’s…

World Tourism Day 2016.
Tourism for All – Promoting Universal Accessibility

World Tourism Day and the End of Football

Tourism for All – Promoting Universal Accessibility | Darrin Henry Tearing the cartilage in my knee a few months ago while playing football gave me my first real glimpse of appreciation for how daunting everyday mobility can be for people with disabilities. #tourism4all #WTD2016 A small flight of steps is not something that usually bothers…

Celebrating International Day of Beauty on St Helena Island.
Photoshoot by What The Saints Did Next
Model, Jodi Wade; Photography, Darrin Henry; Make-up, Sharon Henry

Tribal Attraction – The Beauty Photoshoot

Celebrating International Day of Beauty | Sharon Henry Most of us are wired to initially be attracted to the good looking; so much so, it sometimes lands us in trouble. Like those moments our attention is inadvertently diverted by the good looks of another – when it’s supposed to be otherwise undivided on our beloved.…

Tips for better mobile photography.

8 Tips For Better Mobile Photography

SHARING THE LOVE OF MOBILE PHOTOGRAPHY | Sharon Henry Confession time. I didn’t take my camera phone seriously until the batteries ran flat in the compact. This is the first time I’ve ever made this admission and Darrin, a stickler for topped-up batteries will not be impressed (sorry!) We were first timers in Chicago, USA…

The first airport runway dash on St Helena.

St Helena Airport’s First Runway Dash

The World’s Most Expensive Running Track | Sharon Henry St Helena Airport was shaken from its stupor this Bank Holiday Monday when the £285m runway was temporarily transformed into a running track – probably becoming one of the most expensive in the world. This was another ‘first’ the for the new St Helena airport when…

The Blue Hill photoshoot by What The Saints Did Next.
Model, Gemma Lawrence; Photography, Darrin Henry; Make-up, Sharon Henry

Blue Hill Gem of a Photoshoot

LIGHTING UP THE DANCE FLOOR | Darrin Henry Blue Hill community centre in one of the more remote districts of St Helena was the backdrop for our recent shoot with island stunner, Gemma Lawrence. Ironically we opted for a covered shoot after a week of grey and spitty weather, but no sooner had we humped…