Breeze 3 e-magazine is another 66 page special, with a colourful layout designed to bring our blog followers a variety of fascinating photo-stories.

Breeze 3: The E-Magazine From St Helena

TROPICAL COVER SHOOT ISSUE | Darrin Henry Breeze 3 is out! How time flies. It seems like just yesterday Sharon and I were frantically piecing together our first Breeze magazine for the launch of the blog. And now number three is being downloaded and read in more places than we could have imagined. Of all…

Bertrand's Cottage, St Helena.

Bertrand’s Cottage, St Helena

Lally Brown | PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE Original article & photos as published in Breeze e-magazine January 2016, plus updated photos. Historic pictures supplied. When Napoleon Bonaparte arrived on the island of St Helena October 1815 to begin his exile, he was accompanied by an entourage of twenty-four people, including Count Henri-Gatien Bertrand, his wife…

Let The People Sing - The Gettogethers Band and The Salvation Army
This St Helena Christmas tradition began in 1974.

The Spirit and Traditions of Christmas on St Helena

St Helena Christmas Photo Album | Sharon Henry The best time to visit St Helena is at Christmas when the agapanthus bloom, lights go up, carollers sing and the streets play host to festive parades.  At this time of year so many Saints return home for family holidays you can almost feel the island tilt…

St Helena Island's Festival of Lights 2016.

35 Pictures: Festival of Lights 2016 on St Helena

CHRISTMAS NUMBER FIVE | Darrin Henry Tonight’s Festival of Lights on St Helena was once again a dazzling success. It’s becoming a habit that everyone is quite happy to get used to – this the fifth ‘electric parade’ organised by Jamestown’s Pilling Primary School and “even better this year” was the general consensus from people…

Guy Fawkes Day celebrated on St Helena, 5 November 2016, finishes with a bonfire in Sandy Bay.

St Helena Guy Thrown Onto Bonfire

Gunpowder, Treason & Plot Remembered On Bonfire Night | Sharon Henry There’s possibly no truer example of St Helena’s ‘Britishness’ than our Guy Fawkes Day and Bonfire Night celebrations.  We always ‘remember, remember the 5th of November’ together with the traditional ‘Penny for the Guy’ ditty.  No different to any town or village you’ll find…

The 50 tonne Flamingo sculpture, made of steel, in the city of Chicago, USA. 
International Artist Day 2016.

Is Photography Art?

International Artist Day | Darrin Henry International Artist Day is celebrated on 25 October each year, which prompts debate on who exactly can be called an artist. How do you know? And what’s art and what’s not? Some People Have High Standards “Anyone can take a picture, so photography can’t be art!” How many photographers…

Scheuer Wise & Company.  Wholesale dry goods and notions.  Wigleys Spearmint Pepsin Gum - buy it by the box.  
Ghost sign in Montgomery, Alabama.  End of Commerce Street.

Ghost Signs On A US Road Trip

10 GHOSTS OF MARKETING’S PAST | Sharon Henry Ghost signs – are not, as the name might suggest, indicators to warn you’re being haunted.  Rather they are advertising signage left behind by businesses, who in some cases have ‘given up the ghost’ – phantoms if you like of marketing’s past. These vintage advertisements that miraculously…

Carnival 2016 through historic Jamestown, St Helena, raising funds for local charity, Cancer Support and Awareness. This year's theme, 'Taking Flight' brought out wings of all shapes and sizes.

St Helena Carnival 2016: Taking Flight

GIVE ME WINGS | Darrin Henry There was string, Sellotape, masking tape, safety pins, cable ties, wire, bendy plastic water piping; there were feathers, silky fabric, net curtains, cardboard, crepe paper, painted bed sheets and tin foil; and there was music and people and dogs and one float cum mobile band – but best of…

The 230 year old clock in St James Church tower, Jamestown, St Helena.

The Fisherman’s Friend and The Time Machine

Stories from St James’ Church Tower | Sharon Henry The fairy terns suffered a bit of a shock recently when a large upside-down ice-cream cone hijacked their prime perching area on top of St James’ Church.  Unfortunately for them a spire has reclaimed the space after a 36 year absence to once again grace the…