Aliyah Crowie wins Miss St Helena 2022, The Show Reel Edition

Aliyah Crowie, a 17-year-old, apprentice teaching assistant, who lives in Half Tree Hollow, became Miss St Helena 2022, with Shanice Phillips, the first runner-up, and Kerisha Francis, second runner-up. Video Show Reels were the highlight of the show filmed at St Helena visitor attractions.

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Home Quarantine Protest March On St Helena – Keeping Coronavirus Out

Thirteen days before Christmas, 43 people marched to protest the “behind closed doors” method of decision-making by Executive Council to introduce home quarantine as a Covid-19 protection measure, over mandatory 14-day stays at Bradley’s Camp, as the preferred method of keeping St Helena safe.

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Latisha Fowler Crowned Miss St Helena 2020

Latisha Fowler, a 17-year old Immigration Trainee, from Sandy Bay, who is “keeping our borders safe,” was crowned Miss St Helena 2020 to the sound of enthusiastic approval from an audience of over 500 people, as the new Attention Seeker feature was introduced

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St Pauls Cathedral Of St Helena – By Royal Appointment

Inside The Upside Down Noah’s Ark | Sharon Henry Any Anglican priest serving at St Pauls Cathedral of St Helena is working at one of the most remote island churches in the world. Middle of the South Atlantic is pretty remote. Famous churches have

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St Helena Churches – St Matthew’s, The Old & The New

Touring the Country Church At Hutt’s Gate | Sharon Henry My earliest memory of St Matthew’s church is feeling like a princess at a family wedding. I was wearing a new dress, blue chiffon with tiny white flowers. The sprinkling of rice confetti at the

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Happy St Helena Day 2018 – The Good Ole Days Float Parade

GUNNY BAGS, FLAX AND BOSTON DANCING | We Saints love a good street and float parade and today’s celebration of St Helena Day brought on smiles, foot tapping and merriment as the island marked 516 years since discovery. The floats are always the highlight

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Knockers, Knobs & Keyholes – Door Photography in Jamestown, St Helena

AN OPEN AND SHUT CASE ON ST HELENA | Sharon Henry Inspired by a travel photographer’s amazing collages of doors from around the world, we decided to focus our lens on door photography in Jamestown, St Helena - which proved to be an interesting

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First Generation – The African Burial Ground in Ruperts Valley, St Helena

Articulated skeletons unearthed from African Burial Grounds on St Helena have been nameless numbers. ‘Liberated’ Africans intercepted from the Transatlantic slave trade 150 years ago, brought ashore in Rupert’s Valley and buried in shallow, unmarked graves with no recorded identity. Today, in January 2018

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RMS St Helena Last Voyage – A Tearful Goodbye From St Helena

RMS St Helena last voyage leaving Jamestown is about to happen. A flotilla of 19 boats circles the hull of the ship like a group of excited schoolkids at the heels of their favourite teacher. It’s a highly emotional and bittersweet occasion, a finale

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