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Photographing London – Best City In The World

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UNBEATABLE STREET PHOTOGRAPHY | Darrin Henry Photographing London is always a wonderful privilege. In this post we have chosen ten aspects of this iconic city including the London Underground, Leaden Hall Market, London at Night, London Eye, Red Telephone Boxes, Alexandra Palace, Lloyd’s Building

Best Street Photography Tips – Try Talking To Random Strangers

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Best street photography tips are subjective. Experience, location and confidence of photographers supplying street photography advice will heavily influence their suggestions. Good street photography is a definite skill. In fact, I’d venture it’s as much a specialist genre of photography as anything else out

Best Creative Hobby Is Photography – 11 Reasons to Pick Up A Camera

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PHOTOGRAPHY IS A HABIT FOR LIFE | By a mile, the best creative hobby is photography. Ok, that’s just my biased opinion, but even so. Young or old, male or female, big budget, small budget… it works for everyone pretty much. Photography isn’t prejudiced

Sport Photography Tips – How to Photograph Indoor Volleyball

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THE LADIES COURTROOM DRAMA | Darrin Henry In this post I’m sharing a few tips for sport photography; specifically women’s indoor volleyball. We have a small, Sunday afternoon league on St Helena in which Sharon plays, making it an ideal topic for me to cover. Across photography there are many

Best Way To Improve Your Photography Skills Without Spending A Penny

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2016 IN PHOTOGRAPHS, PROJECT 366 | Darrin Henry The next time someone asks me what's the best way to improve photography skills, my advice will be: ‘take one picture every day.’ Trust me, this is as solid a ‘sure thing’ as anything out there

Photography Tips: Photographing White Terns on St Helena

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HOW TO SHOOT WHITE TERNS | Darrin Henry White terns, or fairy terns as they are commonly known, are brilliant for photographers like me who lack the patience normally necessary for capturing good wildlife pictures. Gygis alba Skittishness around people is not for white terns

How To Make Better Use of Colour In Photography

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GET CREATIVE WITH COLOUR PHOTOGRAPHY | Darrin Henry So, colour photography, why does that need its own special mention? Each time I do, Sharon argues “colour photography is just, photography,” what am I making a fuss about? Although photography was born in black and white

8 Tips To Improve Your Mobile Photography And Take Your Smart Phone Seriously

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SHARING THE LOVE OF MOBILE PHOTOGRAPHY | Sharon Henry Before I share these tips to improve your mobile photography - it’s confession time. I didn't take my camera phone seriously until the batteries ran flat in the compact. This is the first time I've ever

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