A Great Family Day Out Horse Racing at Newmarket July Racecourse

FIRST TIME BETTING ON THE HORSES | Darrin Henry Expecting a little friendly chit-chat, I told the bookie I was placing my first ever bet, instead I got back a no nonsense, “Well sort it out then mate!” Priceless! Sharon and I went horse racing at Newmarket July Racecourse

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Time-Lapse St Helena: The International Island Games Gold Medal Shooter

SIMON HENRY, 45, TARGET RIFLE SHOOTER, BUCKINGHAMSHIRE | Sharon Henry "I was nervous leading up to the Gotland 2017 International Island Games; preparation was intense. I had been one of the favourites in the Jersey 2015 Games to medal in the 3P Individual.

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Street Football In Istanbul – Besiktas vs Spurs

SPEAKING MY LANGUAGE IN TURKEY | Darrin Henry When we travel people always ask if we speak other languages. Although the answer is “no, just English,” really, that’s not completely true. Today on the streets of Istanbul, my international language of ‘football’ helped me out, yet again.

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Sport Photography Tips – How to Photograph Indoor Volleyball

THE LADIES COURTROOM DRAMA | Darrin Henry In this post I’m sharing a few tips for sport photography; specifically women’s indoor volleyball. We have a small, Sunday afternoon league on St Helena in which Sharon plays, making it an ideal topic for me to cover. Across photography there are many

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The First St Helena Airport Runway Dash Is A ‘Shear’ Delight

The World's Most Expensive Running Track | Sharon Henry The very first St Helena Airport Runway Dash saw perfect wind conditions and ‘shear’ delight from islanders. St Helena Airport was shaken from its stupor this Bank Holiday Monday when the £285m runway was temporarily transformed

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Rio 2016 Olympic Tribute: Brazilian Capoeira Photoshoot

THE DEADLY DANCE OF CAPOEIRA | Darrin Henry It was amazing to be reminded about our Brazilian Capoeira photoshoot whilst watching the Rio 2016 Olympics, the Games had us captivated! Holding our breath through the gymnastics (how do they not get dizzy), discovering the gripping

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Rifle Shooting On St Helena – Training For The Sport

TRAINING FOR THE SMALL ISLAND GAMES | Darrin Henry Instead of a Saturday morning lie in, a small, dedicated group of five youngsters are up early, training in the sport of rifle shooting on St Helena and trying to hit a one centimetre bullseye

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Governors Cup Yacht Race 2014 – Shot In The Dark

The Governors Cup Yacht Race 2014 was about to welcome the first yacht at St Helena. Photographing the finish of the race was not the blue skies, sunny afternoon, glamour assignment one might imagine. First yacht over the line was Banjo, at 1.53am, and

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Football on St Helena – First Game Under Floodlights

FRANCIS PLAIN HOSTS NIGHT GAME | Darrin Henry Curiosity ensured a large turnout for St Helena’s first ever football match under floodlights. The car parks were full. We estimated 300 people, although most observed from the dark perimeter, out of reach from the lights,

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