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Sport Photography Tips – How to Photograph Indoor Volleyball

THE LADIES COURTROOM DRAMA | Darrin Henry In this post I’m sharing a few tips for sport photography; specifically women’s indoor volleyball. We have a small, Sunday afternoon league on St Helena in which Sharon plays, making it an ideal topic for me to cover. Across photography there are many

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Must Have Accessories For Photographers – Tried and Tested

BUYING PRESENTS FOR PHOTOGRAPHERS | Darrin Henry Finding gift ideas for photographers can be scary, for a few reasons – camera equipment is expensive, different brands aren’t always compatible and photographers tend to be fussy over what kit they need (or think they need). But here

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8 Tips To Improve Your Mobile Photography And Take Your Smart Phone Seriously

SHARING THE LOVE OF MOBILE PHOTOGRAPHY | Sharon Henry Before I share these tips to improve your mobile photography - it’s confession time. I didn't take my camera phone seriously until the batteries ran flat in the compact. This is the first time I've ever

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Black and White Photography Tips – Planning Your Shots

PHOTOGRAPHY TIPS | Darrin Henry Black and white photographs carry that nostalgic credential which gives them instant appeal, even more so today where the style gets a free pass to the ‘artistic’ table. But there’s a dark side :) With powerful digital software and

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100 Clicks – Shooting Our First Photography Project 366

PROJECT 366, THE FIRST 100 DAYS | Darrin Henry It’s a bit like playing fetch with a young Border Collie; no matter how often or how far you throw the ball the dog will drop it back at your feet in a flash, demanding

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Landscape Photography Tips – Look For The Shadows

OUTDOORS WITH THE CAMERA | Darrin Henry Recognising good photography light for landscapes is sometimes confusing for beginners. I mean, midday or early afternoon with clear blue skies and brilliant sunshine is when scenery looks fantastic, doesn’t it? It's easy to think this might

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