Ice Skating At Alexandra Palace With An Olympic Pro

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A PHOTOSHOOT ON ICE WITH MARIA SERGEJEVA | Sharon Henry It's not every day you see a world class Olympic figure skater run through a sequence of impressive moves (elements), ice skating at Alexandra Palace. It's mesmerising to watch and I'm not the only one;

Cocktails At The Ice Bar In London – Literally The Coolest Bar Experience

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I’m not usually a fan of sub-zero temperatures but how cool is this? We’re at the Ice Bar in London chillin’ at MINUS 5 Celsius, sipping ice cocktails from ice glasses inside a bar constructed entirely of solid ice. The ice sculptures are incredible

Homeless Bucket Drum Busker Living On The Streets Of London

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DAN GROUND THE BUCKET MUSICIAN | Darrin Henry Sitting on an up-turned bucket with a homeless bucket drum busker on the streets of central London, UK, attracting curious looks from tourists and shoppers, is an unexpected, new experience for me. Sharon and I are with

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