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Thomas Jefferson Memorial, Washington DC

US PRESIDENT NUMBER THREE | Darrin Henry Try this. Visualise three tourist attractions to see in Washington DC. I bet there’s a good chance our immediate visions are very similar: The White House; Lincoln Memorial and Washington Memorial? Even if you don’t know the names, the huge statue of Abraham Lincoln sitting in his chair is iconic USA; that tall, four-sided concrete obelisk of the Washington Monument with its pointy top, and of course the home of the president, the White House itself.

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Arlington Cemetery: America’s Military Shrine

MEMORIAL DAY, USA | Darrin Henry Memorial Day in the USA is a public holiday held every year on the last Monday in May, created to remember those who gave their lives in the American Civil War (1861-1865) but in the years since has been widened to include all subsequent conflicts.

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Largest Aquarium in the World – Atlanta’s Six Million Gallon Monster

The largest aquarium in the world is the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta, and judging by the people here it’s a big favourite for tourists like us visiting this US city. Watching fish is scientifically proven to be therapeutic, no matter the size of tank.

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Hiking Talladega National Forest On The Look Out For Bears!

Talladega National Forest, Alabama | Sharon Henry I didn't realise this Talladega National Forest, is bear country. If that fact had been known earlier I'd bet my bottom dollar we wouldn't have come. Statistically the chance of a bear encounter is 1 in 1.2 million

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Visiting Niagara Falls And Finding Out Superman Lied

CANADA’S WORLD WONDER | Sharon Henry If ever there was a time for spectacle screen wipers this would be it, I can barely see and spray assaults my eyes like mini missiles when I take the glasses off. But it's exhilarating and we can't

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World of Coca-Cola Museum Atlanta – All 60 Flavours

VISITING THE NEW WORLD | Darrin Henry I can't shake the feeling that World of Coca-Cola Museum Atlanta is actually a very clever marketing ploy – we’ve paid to get in to let them tell us how great their product is, then in turn be

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Breaking News From The CNN Center In Atlanta, Georgia

BEHIND THE SCENES STUDIOS TOUR | Darrin Henry When CNN was launched from the CNN Center in 1980, I was a young boy growing up on an island still without VCRs and more than a decade away from live TV, where the latest news came

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Love Wins – Gay Wedding Kicks Off Awesome Nashville Pride

A SUPREME CELEBRATION |Darrin & Sharon Henry Front and centre photographing Al and Toby’s first kiss at one of the first same-sex weddings in Tennessee was not on the script for our pilgrimage to Nashville, but this is the annual Pride Festival and today when the sun came up it

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