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St Helena Island Travel Information App Launched

Inside St Helena is essentially a tourist guide, a business directory and a local notice board, all rolled into one and packaged in the most convenient of storage places. It installs on any smartphone; a modern day guide book which fits in your pocket

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WTSDN Travel Photography Competition 2018

Get your passports out, ‘Travel’ is the theme for our annual Facebook photography competition for 2018. Stuffed suitcases, speeding tuk tuks, bustling train stations or airline food, all just some of the features of the exciting world of travel. But so is exploring the

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Is Atlantic Star The Solution To St Helena Airport Wind Shear?

AIR TRAVEL IS AT ST HELENA’S DOOR | Darrin Henry Islanders on St Helena starved of information for more than six months concerning the fate of air access, saw despair brushed aside by the heroic, entrepreneurial spirit of Atlantic Star’s commercial airline ambition, when they coolly landed an AVRO RJ100

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British Airways Comair to St Helena Prices Announced And It’s Good News

The British Airways operated, Comair to St Helena ticket prices for a return trip from Johannesburg “will start from £583” – it’s official! Released today (12 April, 2016) a statement titled, ‘British Airways (Operated by Comair) Ready To Serve The Saints’ from SHG brought relief

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Finding Love, Food and Fashion At The Hanoi Night Market

HÀNG ĐÀO STREET LIFE | Darrin Henry If you are considering a visit to Hanoi, Vietnam, I have to recommend the Hanoi night market as a great cultural experience for a Saturday night out. Before coming to Southeast Asia the thought of visiting a street

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Visiting The Impressive National Museum of Vietnamese History

AN UNEXPECTED EDUCATION | Darrin Henry We have just entered the National Museum of Vietnamese History in Hanoi and already I like this place. Perhaps it’s the friendly ticket office staff followed by the young guard who greets us shyly at the door, or is

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Mountain Float – Thailand’s Secret Holiday Hideaway

A WATER RESORT IN THE MOUNTAINS | Darrin Henry There’s a secret holiday retreat in northern Thailand called Mountain Float, it’s a long way off the beaten tourist track but well known and appreciated by the local people. It’s our second week in Thailand Sharon

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Bangkok Long Tail Boat Tour On The Thonburi Klongs

TOURING THE VENICE OF THE EAST | Darrin Henry First stop on our Bangkok long tail boat tour was the Buddhist temple, Wat Arun or Temple of Dawn, just across the Chaophraya River. There are over 400 temples in Bangkok (wats), Wat Arun being

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Erawan Museum Bangkok – Thailand’s Three Headed Elephant

AIRAVATA ELEPHANT GOD | Sharon Henry The Erawan Museum Bangkok honours Hinduism beliefs and elephant symbolism with a massive three headed elephant statue. The elephant meaning refers to Erawan of the Hindu Deities - the Elephant God. The museum also encompasses Buddhist philosophy and

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