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35 Pictures: St Helena Festival of Lights 2016

CHRISTMAS NUMBER FIVE | Darrin Henry Tonight’s Festival of Lights on St Helena was once again a dazzling success. It’s becoming a habit that everyone is quite happy to get used to – this the fifth ‘electric parade’ organised by Jamestown’s Pilling Primary School and

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12 Of The Best St Helena Pictures – An Island Tour

PHOTOS FROM THE HARD DRIVE | Darrin Henry Right place, right time, applies with photography a lot, especially when we’re out and about on St Helena with the camera. We often end up capturing something unexpected and totally random, simply because we just happened

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Photography As An Art Form – Capturing The Violence And Fury

Photography as an art form, is my question today. Could the humble artist and photographer be one and the same? Or are photography and art two different animals? Today’s technology has made photography more accessible and easier than ever before, of course it has.

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Vintage Hand Painted Signs – Ghosts Signs In America

PHANTOMS OF MARKETING’S PAST | Sharon Henry Vintage hand painted signs or ghost signs are not, as the later name suggests, signals of being haunted. Rather they are outdoor advertising signs of products and businesses that many themselves have 'given up the ghost', but

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St Helena Carnival 2016: Taking Flight

GIVE ME WINGS | Darrin Henry There was string, Sellotape, masking tape, safety pins, cable ties, wire, bendy plastic water piping; there were feathers, silky fabric, net curtains, cardboard, crepe paper, painted bed sheets and tin foil; and there was music and people and dogs and one float cum mobile

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How To Make Better Use of Colour In Photography

GET CREATIVE WITH COLOUR PHOTOGRAPHY | Darrin Henry So, colour photography, why does that need its own special mention? Each time I do, Sharon argues “colour photography is just, photography,” what am I making a fuss about? Although photography was born in black and white

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Welcome To The District Of Longwood St Helena AKA Texas

MEET THE COMMUNITY OF LONGWOOD | Sharon Henry Longwood, St Helena was once perceived as the black sheep district of the island, perhaps because of a 'bad boy' image inherited from notorious resident/prisoner, Napoleon Bonaparte. These days the district's reputation has completely turned around and

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Jamestown St Helena – Searching For Breadcrumbs

Jamestown St Helena has changed little in appearance over the last few centuries. Since the island’s discovery by the Portuguese in 1502 and eventual settlement by the English in 1659 a fair chunk of built heritage has survived. St Helena's capital and only city

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Photo Of The Day: Here’s Where Six Months Went

PHOTOGRAPHY PROJECT 366 AT HALFWAY | Darrin Henry Any good editor is often required to be ruthless, whether it’s trimming a news report, cutting a film or, in our case, selecting final photographs. Editing your own work is harder as you’re emotionally attached, but

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Street Art Graffiti In Toronto – Kensington Market

Graffiti in Toronto is big. The city’s vibrant street art gallery places it amongst the world’s best, making it a totally cool, fun and edgy place to visit. Opinion about graffiti, or street art, is split down the middle; one person's art is another's vandalism.

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