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Churches of St Helena Island – St James Church

The Oldest Existing Anglican Church in the Southern Hemisphere | Sharon Henry The churches of St Helena reveal a fascinating insight to the island’s short history. Considering how much we enjoy visiting churches abroad, we’ve decided it’s time to pay closer attention to what

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11 New Ideas For What To Do When Visiting St Helena

ALTERNATIVE WAYS TO DISCOVER ST HELENA | Sharon Henry Swimming with whale sharks, meeting a 188-year-old tortoise and hiking precarious trails are just a fraction of fun things to do on St Helena and with the airport open for business, the island will be

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St James Church St Helena – The Fisherman’s Friend and The Time Machine

Stories from St James' Church Tower | Sharon Henry The fairy terns suffered a bit of a shock recently when a large upside-down ice-cream cone hijacked their perching area on top of St James Church St Helena. Unfortunately for them a spire has reclaimed the

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Walking Tour Of Historic Jamestown – From Church To The Court House

THE JAMESTOWN TOUR | Sharon Henry Did you know, in her heyday St Helena welcomed over 1,000 visiting ships in a year? Or, that the 'picture' above the Arch is the Coat of Arms of the English East India Company who colonised and governed

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