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First Saints To Fly From St Helena Airport

THE FIRST TIME ONLY HAPPENS ONCE | On 15 December, 2015, Amanda Leo (46), Kira Stevens (33) and Jayne Thomas (22) wrote themselves into St Helena’s history books as the very first Saints to fly out from and in to St Helena Airport, having

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Why Tourism Could Ruin St Helena Culture

DON’T FORGET THE SAINTS | Darrin Henry For years we’ve been told, ‘the most special thing about St Helena is the people and its culture,’ and it would form the cornerstone of our new tourism based economy. However, experts driving the island’s tourism objective

By |2018-01-15T03:10:28+00:00May 19th, 2016|Culture, St Helena, Tourist Attraction|35 Comments

The Comair – British Airways 737-800 Landing On St Helena

THE FLIGHT FROM THE TOP OF THE BARN | Sharon Henry The last time we clambered onto 'The Barn' the airport runway was only partially laid, this time we've scrambled up to watch an actual aeroplane land on that completed piece of gleaming concrete.

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British Airways Comair to St Helena Prices Announced And It’s Good News

The British Airways operated, Comair to St Helena ticket prices for a return trip from Johannesburg “will start from £583” – it’s official! Released today (12 April, 2016) a statement titled, ‘British Airways (Operated by Comair) Ready To Serve The Saints’ from SHG brought relief

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Goat Meat Curry To Celebrate The First Jet Plane Landing On St Helena

NEW CULTURE MEETING THE OLD | Darrin Henry Less than an hour after watching the first jet plane landing on St Helena we were sitting on the grass at Longwood Green eating goat meat curry and rice, along with many other families enjoying a

By |2018-03-24T00:55:41+00:00April 10th, 2016|Culture, Food and Drink, St Helena|8 Comments

The Brand New St Helena Airport Is Amazing

THE AGE OF AIR TRAVEL TO BEGIN | Darrin Henry “Wow! This, is, beautiful!” I’m completely awestruck having just stepped onto the gleaming concourse inside the brand new St Helena Airport terminal. I’m conscious my mouth is literally hanging open as my eyes dart left and right, but I can’t

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Flagstaff Post Box Walk, St Helena

THE EASY-PEASY HIKE ON ST HELENA | Darrin Henry As outdoor adventure on St Helena goes, the Flagstaff post box walk is hardly expedition grade stuff; mountain boots or sustenance backpacks not necessary for what is essentially a scenic trail that begins on Deadwood Plain

By |2019-02-27T05:04:17+00:00March 26th, 2016|Awesome Nature, Hiking, St Helena|6 Comments
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