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Girl Meets Boy And Sails Off Into The Sunset To Travel The World

The Captain Morgan Effect | Sharon Henry Theirs is a story whose plot reads like a can't-put-down adventure novel; girl meets boy, falls in love and sails off into the sunset to travel the world. "It was either love or stupidity," laughs Cheryl Morice,

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The Cruising Nomads On Yacht Totem Visit St Helena

Eight Years, 26 Countries, 181 Islands | Sharon Henry While most parents were reading bedtime stories to their kids of faraway, mysterious lands, the Giffords – Jamie and Behan – bought a yacht and with their three young children (aged 4 – 8) set off from Seattle, USA to become the lead characters

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Gulden Leeuw at St Helena With Class Afloat

School With A Difference | Sharon Henry Climbing a 43m mast on sailing ship 'Gulden Leeuw' crossing the Atlantic Ocean in a gale blowing 40 knots is what 18 year old Marcus, from Montreal, Canada, recalls as a memorable experience. It was “the scariest moment” said the student.

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Picture Porthole – Photographs Of The RMS St Helena

RMS ST HELENA IN PICTURES | Darrin Henry Five days at sea surrounded by endless ocean could in some ways be a photographic nightmare. But, travelling and taking photographs of the RMS St Helena there’s plenty of reasons to keep the camera near. The

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Sailing St Helena Bay And Screaming At 18 And A Half Knots

SAILING YACHT BANJO IN SOUTH AFRICA | Darrin Henry Here I am with Sharon, screaming and sailing St Helena Bay at an eye popping 18.5 knots on a 31 foot trimaran with 37 knot winds whipping freezing cold salt water all over me

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Shot In The Dark – Governor’s Cup Yacht Race 2014/15

PHOTOGRAPHING THE GOVERNOR'S CUP YACHT RACE 2014/15 | Darrin Henry “First yacht at ten miles,” said the voice on the phone. It was half past midnight; I’d been asleep for just an hour. Photographing the finish of the Governors Cup Yacht Race was not the blue skies,

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