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Vintage Hand Painted Signs – Ghosts Signs In America

PHANTOMS OF MARKETING’S PAST | Sharon Henry Vintage hand painted signs or ghost signs are not, as the later name suggests, signals of being haunted. Rather they are outdoor advertising signs of products and businesses that many themselves have 'given up the ghost', but

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What People Say About Chicago – Street Interviews in The Windy City

Chewing The Fat In The Windy City | Sharon Henry They say 'look up', as opposed to being fixated to a tiny phone screen. Meaning don't miss the world around you through trivial distractions, look up. However, in Chicago, all you can do is

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Fancy Farm Kentucky – People and Belgian Draft Horses

A Quick Stop In The Bluegrass State | Sharon Henry The sight of cute gangly foals grazing on a haystack compels an impromptu stop along Kentucky Route 80 to jump out the car and take a photo. It's too adorable a shot of rural America to pass by

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State Of Tennessee Capitol Building In Nashville

Behind The Scenes In Nashville | Darrin Henry We’re inside the State of Tennessee capitol building in Nashville USA. It’s the home of the Tennessee Legislature and other important aspects of governing the state. Tennessee State capitol tours are

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Highway 61 Attic Art Gallery, Vicksburg, Mississippi

A Different Picture Of Vicksburg | Darrin Henry The Highway 61 Attic Art Gallery, Vicksburg, Mississippi, showcases provocative southern painting styles by Mississippi artists and surrounding areas, plus a whole range of other fascinating creative art work. The Attic Gallery is one of the

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Vicksburg Mississippi River Bank Town On The Bluff

A DAY OUT IN VICKSBURG, MS | Darrin Henry Our road trip, following maps of the Mississippi River bank route, has brought us to downtown Vicksburg. It’s a beautiful town built on a bluff overlooking the Mississippi and Yazoo. The population of Vicksburg Mississippi

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Rutledge, Alabama – Taste of A Small American Water Tower Town

SWEET HOME ALABAMA | Sharon Henry We’re cruising Highway 10 through Rutledge, Alabama. I've developed a thing for water towers; something whimsical about those lofty tanks have me scrambling for a camera every time. Water towers are soooo American, they punctuate the rolling landscape

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The Killer Corn Silo – Road Trip America Adventures

AMERICA'S GRAIN ESCALATORS | Darrin Henry Driving through the vast farm lands in Mississippi, USA, up ahead is yet another cluster of fat, silvery steel cylinders. The corn silo poking out from the green carpet of corn fields has kept us guessing all along

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