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Boris Bikes Plus 12 Different Modes of Transport We Tried in 2015

PADDLE, PEDDLE AND SAIL POWER | Darrin Henry Have you ever counted how many different modes of transportation you’ve used in a year? Try it, you may be surprised, especially if you live in ‘the big world’ as we islanders like to say. Looking

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St Helena Christmas Street Parade: Festival of Lights 2015

A NEW CHRISTMAS TRADITION FOR ST HELENA | Darrin Henry The annual Festival of Lights once again reasserted its claim as the best street parade on St Helena as hundreds of twinkling islanders ambled through Jamestown. Jolly Christmas music provided the soundtrack, snow (from

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Premier Avion a atterri sur le Nouvel Aéroport de Sainte Hélène Aujourd’hui

HISTORIQUE PREMIER VOL | Darrin Henry Traduit en français par Alison Laycock. Merci. Avec la délicatesse d’un doux baiser [the tiny twin prop plane] a atterri sur le nouvel aéroport de Sainte Hélène aujourd’hui. Pourtant, l’impact de cet événement sera répercuter dans les 500 prochaines

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More Through The Picture Porthole – Photos Of The RMS St Helena

RMS ST HELENA IN PICTURES 2 | Darrin Henry It’s time to take another peek through the Picture Porthole to see more photos of the RMS St Helena at sea. A few months ago our first Picture Porthole featured seven random images taken onboard

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Picture Porthole – Photographs Of The RMS St Helena

RMS ST HELENA IN PICTURES | Darrin Henry Five days at sea surrounded by endless ocean could in some ways be a photographic nightmare. But, travelling and taking photographs of the RMS St Helena there’s plenty of reasons to keep the camera near. The

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St Helena Governor’s Cup Yacht Race Winners – Black Cat

THE BLACK CAT YACHT CREW’S STORY | Sharon Henry It’s tradition to throw the skipper (fully clothed) into the water when you've won a sailing race. Having taken the flag in 12 days with the ocean crossing from Cape Town to St Helena winning

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