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Photography As An Art Form – Capturing The Violence And Fury

Photography as an art form, is my question today. Could the humble artist and photographer be one and the same? Or are photography and art two different animals? Today’s technology has made photography more accessible and easier than ever before, of course it has.

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The Blue Hill Skittle Alley Photoshoot – Bowling For Fashion

BLUE HILL PHOTOSHOOT PART 2 | Darrin Henry Here’s our Blue Hill Skittle Alley Photoshoot with the beautiful Gemma Lawrence, it’s the second part of our fashion shoot using the backdrop of the Community Centre here on St Helena. Squeezing History Into A Photograph The

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Tribal Attraction – The International Day of Beauty Photoshoot

Celebrating International Day of Beauty | Sharon Henry Most of us are wired to initially be attracted to the good looking; so much so, it sometimes lands us in trouble. Like those moments our attention is inadvertently diverted by the good looks of another

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The Blue Hill St Helena Photoshoot with Gemma Lawrence

LIGHTING UP THE DANCE FLOOR | Darrin Henry Blue Hill community centre in one of the more remote districts of St Helena was the backdrop for our ‘ Blue Hill St Helena photoshoot ‘ with island stunner, Gemma Lawrence. Ironically we opted for a covered

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First Time Modelling for Beautiful Jodi from St Helena

MUSIC, MAKE-UP AND STRIKE A POSE | Darrin Henry It’s helpful having good neighbours when you’re turning up music on a week night for a photo shoot; as it happens we’re lucky to have some of the coolest around. So, with MP3s loaded onto

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Very First Model Photo Shoot for St Helena Beauty, Gemma

INTRODUCING GEMMA | Darrin Henry Lights, make-up and high heels – it’s model photo shoot time. The buzz of anticipation when working with a beautiful new model is one of my favourite moments in photography. St Helenian girl, Gemma Lawrence, is about to do her

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St Helena Test Shoot With Emma-Jay For New Breeze Magazine

PHOTOSHOOT WITH EMMA-JAY | Darrin Henry We’re doing a St Helena test shoot with model Emma-Jay, working on a concept photoshoot spread for the second edition of our Breeze e-magazine. Breeze, edition one, was a big success so we want to make the new one

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The Rule Of Thirds In Photography: What It Is And How To Use It?

COMPOSING BETTER PICTURES | Darrin Henry The Rule of Thirds in photography is a simple and effective composition technique for capturing better pictures. It’s one of the first things you’ll learn on any photography course and it soon becomes second nature.

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Female Pornstar Tina Kay, Mixing Business And Pleasure

AN ADULT CONVERSATION | Darrin Henry Female pornstar Tina Kay is a Lithuanian born, award winning, adult film actress who now lives in UK. Adult industry work and topics of a sexual nature are being discussed in this blog post. Tina is tall, stunning

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Ao Dai In Vietnam – Photoshoot With Vietnamese Girls In Hanoi

FIRST TIME VIETNAMESE MODELS | Darrin Henry The moment I saw Vietnamese girls wearing the ao dai in Vietnam I was captivated and immediately wanted to do a photoshoot to add to my portfolio. The ao dai is a traditional dress in Vietnam, a

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