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Celebrating Cambodia Independence Day With Night Photography In Phnom Penh

ONE NIGHT IN PHNOM PENH | Darrin Henry It will be Cambodia Independence Day tomorrow, 9 November, when the Khmer people will celebrate 62 years since they broke away from 90 years of French rule. There will be customary festivals across Cambodia with colourful

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The Natural Beauty Of Diamond – Our Photoshoot In Phnom Penh

Diamond’s On Cambodia’s Frontline | Sharon Henry Shooting models in cities around the world is becoming a passion and we had the pleasure of doing a photoshoot in Phnom Penh with a local girl we got friendly with during our stay in Cambodia. Have you

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Royal Palace Phnom Penh Dress Code Cover Up

We’re about to enter the Royal Palace Phnom Penh and Silver Pagoda in Cambodia and discover first-hand the conservative Royal Palace Phnom Penh dress code is important to observe. A lady has just been refused entry even though she’s wearing a shawl.

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Overcoming First Day Nerves Walking The Streets Of Phnom Penh

A DAY EXPLORING CAMBODIA’S CAPITAL CITY | Darrin Henry All five senses are hit with a full frontal mugging by Cambodia’s capital city and walking the streets of Phnom Penh all five senses are exposed to the thick humidity of this exotic street life as

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Meet The Teacher and Best Tuk Tuk Driver in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

CHARMED BY NIM | Sharon Henry "I-hear-you-want-to-go-to-the-Killing-Fields," sings a tuk tuk driver in Phnom Penh, approaching us from behind as we walked by the Royal Palace. Knackered from the 38 degree heat, wary of scams and having just walked a gauntlet of touting drivers,

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Watching Cambodia Traffic: There’s Method In The Madness

WHO NEEDS TRAFFIC LIGHTS? | Darrin Henry At first glance, watching Cambodia traffic in Phnom Penh is just one giant mash up; a noisy bedlam of mosquito like machines; a free for all. A dodgem car ride at the fairground looks more orderly. Horns are

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