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Bertrand’s Cottage, St Helena

Lally Brown | PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE When Napoleon Bonaparte arrived on the island of St Helena October 1815 to begin his exile, he was accompanied by an entourage of twenty-four people, including Count Henri-Gatien Bertrand, his wife Fanny and their three children.

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Welcome To The District Of Longwood St Helena AKA Texas

MEET THE COMMUNITY OF LONGWOOD | Sharon Henry Longwood, St Helena was once perceived as the black sheep district of the island, perhaps because of a 'bad boy' image inherited from notorious resident/prisoner, Napoleon Bonaparte. These days the district's reputation has completely turned around and

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St Helena Exile Napoleon Bonaparte: The Move To Longwood House

THERE GOES THE NEIGHBOURHOOD | Darrin Henry More stressful than a divorce; that’s how moving house induces anxiety according to many, and that’s just for ordinary people. When you’re St Helena exile Napoleon Bonaparte, an international prisoner and one of the most famous men

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HMS Lancaster: Life On Board A Royal Navy Frigate

Royal Navy Frigate, HMS Lancaster, is a man of war ship giving WTSDN a special tour from Operations Room to the Royal Navy sleeping quarters. Life on British navy ships like this type 23 Duke Class Frigate, takes 185 crew-members all over the world

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The Napoleon St Helena History Remembered 200 Years On

RETRACING NAPOLEON’S FOOTSTEPS | Sharon Henry Two hundred years ago, on 15 October, 1815, St Helena Island was thrust into the limelight with the reluctant arrival of the world's top celebrity at the time, the French Emperor, Napoleon Bonaparte. After his defeat at the

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Longwood House St Helena – Final Home Of Napoleon

LONGWOOD HOUSE 200 YEARS ON | Sharon Henry St Helena struck it lucky being the chosen one to take custody of the notorious Napoleon Bonaparte 200 years ago. The island’s absolute isolation and towering coastal cliffs provided a natural fortress to thwart any romantic

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Where Is St Helena Island – The Questions We Get Asked The Most

Where is St Helena Island is easily the question we get asked the most about our home island, followed by what size is St .Helena, and then amazement at the answers. Cost of living in St Helena interests people and those with kids the

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Groot Constantia Wine Tasting Tours in Cape Town

DRINKING BEFORE NOON | Darrin Henry Constantia wine farms in Cape Town produces some of the finest wines in South Africa. The Groot Constantia wine estate is the country’s oldest and most prestigious and offer cellar and wine tasting tours. A great place to

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Doesn’t He Wear It Well? The Saint Napoleon Bonaparte Uniform

Napoleon Bonaparte photo shoot | Darrin Henry A photo shoot with Napoleon Bonaparte! Now there’s one I didn’t see coming. Earlier this year the St Helena Tourist Office bought a replica Napoleon Bonaparte uniform, made to measure for Tourism Projects Manager, Merrill Joshua. After

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