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Visiting The Hagia Sophia Museum in Istanbul, Turkey

MORE THAN A MILLENNIUM DOME | Darrin Henry The Hagia Sofia museum in Istanbul, Turkey, is a treasure trove of photographic possibilities; a stunning architectural fantasy of a building filled with light and shadow gliding softly across the ancient marble surfaces. In a city

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Muslim Call To Prayer In Istanbul – The Spell Is Cast

ROOM WITH A MAGICAL VIEW | Sharon Henry The week before our visit to Istanbul, microscopic plankton invaded the Bosphorus strait and turned the water such a dazzling turquoise it made headline news around the world. The tiny organisms were still working their magic

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America Still Not Cured Of Racism – Visit to National Historical Park, Atlanta

Martin Luther King Jr Day | Darrin Henry Did Sharon and I experience racism during our seven weeks travelling through the USA, from the deep south of Alabama and Louisiana, to the rolling hills of upstate New York? The answer to that question would

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Longwood House St Helena – Final Home Of Napoleon

LONGWOOD HOUSE 200 YEARS ON | Sharon Henry St Helena struck it lucky being the chosen one to take custody of the notorious Napoleon Bonaparte 200 years ago. The island’s absolute isolation and towering coastal cliffs provided a natural fortress to thwart any romantic

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Visiting The Impressive National Museum of Vietnamese History

AN UNEXPECTED EDUCATION | Darrin Henry We have just entered the National Museum of Vietnamese History in Hanoi and already I like this place. Perhaps it’s the friendly ticket office staff followed by the young guard who greets us shyly at the door, or is

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Erawan Museum, Bangkok – Thailand’s Three Headed Elephant

ERAWAN MUSEUM BANGKOK | Sharon Henry Climbing barefooted into the belly of Thailand's three headed elephant is an unusual experience, Bangkok is full of surprises. We're following what sounds like hushed chanting of Buddhist monks, which gets louder the higher we go. A little dizzy

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