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10 Cheap Or Free Things To Do In St Louis, Missouri

GATEWAY TO THE WEST ON BUDGET | Sharon Henry For a city nicknamed 'Gateway to the West' we found St Louis, Missouri surprisingly quiet, it wasn't quite the thoroughfare the name suggests. At first glance it looked a vibrant metropolis, with full car parks

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Budweiser Tour St Louis And The Making Of An American Legend

Budweiser Brewery Experience | Sharon Henry The Budweiser tour St Louis has me so excited I can’t get Gretchen Wilson’s One Budwiser out of my head. Budweiser beer is an American legend up there with Elvis, the beer tour includes the Budweiser Clydesdales stables

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The Man Who Saw The Last Speech Of Martin Luther King – “It Was Something Else”

Tales on the Mississippi | Sharon Henry It’s not every day you meet someone who witnessed ground breaking history; the last speech of Martin Luther King in 1968. Here’s how the story unfolded. "Life in Memphis is good, man," Ron tells us, "especially if

By |2017-11-17T04:48:52+00:00October 20th, 2015|Amazing People, City Life, USA|7 Comments

The Day We Met Artists From Baton Rouge, Louisiana

JUST SAYING HELLO | Sharon Henry The day we met artists from Baton Rouge. We love meeting and talking to people on our travels. They give first-hand insight into their part of the world and culture stamping authenticity to the places in a way

By |2017-11-17T03:09:23+00:00October 11th, 2015|Amazing People, Culture, USA|0 Comments

A Day To Visit Memphis Tennessee Home Of The Blues

A DAY IN THE HOME OF THE BLUES | Darrin Henry Blues music reaches out from the Beale Street restaurants. With only one day to visit Memphis we’ve got to see the city’s famous street. Google’s Beale Street map has pinned the Fedex Forum

By |2018-09-14T13:21:10+00:00October 3rd, 2015|City Life, USA|4 Comments

Memphis Sightseeing Walk On The Mississippi River Bank

A DAY IN THE HOME OF THE BLUES | Darrin Henry Mississippi delta cruises and American steamboat stories I expected on my first Memphis sightseeing visit, but the big Bass Pro shop pyramid, is a surprise. I’m also learning facts about Hernando de Soto

By |2018-09-12T00:54:52+00:00October 1st, 2015|City Life, USA|2 Comments

Vicksburg Mississippi River Bank Town On The Bluff

A DAY OUT IN VICKSBURG, MS | Darrin Henry Our road trip, following maps of the Mississippi River bank route, has brought us to downtown Vicksburg. It’s a beautiful town built on a bluff overlooking the Mississippi and Yazoo. The population of Vicksburg Mississippi

By |2018-09-11T01:13:53+00:00September 14th, 2015|City Life, USA|1 Comment

The Killer Corn Silo – Road Trip America Adventures

AMERICA'S GRAIN ESCALATORS | Darrin Henry Driving through the vast farm lands in Mississippi, USA, up ahead is yet another cluster of fat, silvery steel cylinders. The corn silo poking out from the green carpet of corn fields has kept us guessing all along

By |2018-10-08T02:31:34+00:00August 27th, 2015|Food and Drink, USA|2 Comments
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