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Saints Fly Home For The Very First Time

SA Airlink Lands First Commercial Passenger Flight At St Helena Airport | Sharon Henry The feel good factor oozing around St Helena Airport today was just fantastic to witness. The very first commercial passenger flight into St Helena took place; an Avro RJ85 aircraft

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High Knoll Fort Lights Up St Helena Skyline

THE MOTHER SHIP HAS LANDED | Sharon Henry It looks like a spaceship has landed on top of High Knoll Fort. The island's most visible landmark has a new feature of LED up-lights surrounding its base, glowing a rainbow of colours onto the thick,

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St Helena Carnival 2016: Taking Flight

GIVE ME WINGS | Darrin Henry There was string, Sellotape, masking tape, safety pins, cable ties, wire, bendy plastic water piping; there were feathers, silky fabric, net curtains, cardboard, crepe paper, painted bed sheets and tin foil; and there was music and people and dogs and one float cum mobile

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Governor of St Helena, Lisa Phillips: Inauguration Ceremony in Pictures

A BIG TURNOUT TO WELCOME LISA PHILLIPS | Darrin Henry St Helena’s new Governor, Lisa Phillips, stepped ashore at 8.06am this morning, Monday 25 April, 2016, met on the wharf by the Chief Secretary, Sean Burns and Mrs Marina Burns and also the island’s elected councillors and other government officials.

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Governor of St Helena, Mark Capes – Final Report

THE GOVERNOR CAPES INTERVIEW | Darrin Henry Mark Capes, Governor of St Helena Island from 2011-2016, has probably overseen four and a half of the most momentous years of this British Overseas Territory’s history, Napoleon’s exile aside, of course. The building of the airport

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