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RMS St Helena Last Voyage – A Tearful Goodbye From St Helena

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RMS St Helena last voyage leaving Jamestown is about to happen. A flotilla of 19 boats circles the hull of the ship like a group of excited schoolkids at the heels of their favourite teacher. It’s a highly emotional and bittersweet occasion, a finale

Breeze Magazine Photography Story Telling By WTSDN

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Breeze Magazine 5, the 2019 Edition, is our photography e-book produced for blog followers. World bloggers feature with 24 stories from 24 countries in Breeze 5, as well as underwater photography on St Helena and tips on travelling solo. Subscribe to download.

11 New Ideas For What To Do When Visiting St Helena

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ALTERNATIVE WAYS TO DISCOVER ST HELENA | Sharon Henry Swimming with whale sharks, meeting a 188-year-old tortoise and hiking precarious trails are just a fraction of fun things to do on St Helena and with the airport open for business, the island will be

Chasing The Light – Landscape Photographs of St Helena

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Chasing The Light – Landscape Photographs of St Helena A LITTLE MOVIE ABOUT INVESTING IN TIME | Darrin Henry Capturing good landscape photographs of St Helena, you would think would be easy for photographers living on the island, as we do. Pleased as Sharon and

Blog Adventures of 2017 – Our Favourite Photography Stories

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2017 IN PICTURES AND WORDS | Darrin Henry We will remember 2017 as another fantastic year of Adventures in Photography for What The Saints Did Next, something not always obvious when we’re in the moment. Clicking through our hard drives is a good reminder

Most Popular Pictures of 2017 on What The Saints Did Next Facebook Page

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LIKES, CLICKS & REACH – IT’S A SOCIAL THING | Darrin Henry First-line blood relatives they might be, but our photo-blog and What The Saints Did Next Facebook Page, have very different personalities. The blog is the grown up sibling; thoughtful, takes pride in its appearance

Rosie’s Bar and Restaurant on St Helena – A Fantastic Grand Opening

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THE PLACE TO BE AT SUNSET ON ST HELENA | Darrin Henry Rosie’s Bar and Restaurant on St Helena welcomed over 450 guests on Friday night, 8 December 2017, for a sparkling Grand Opening event, with owner and first-time entrepreneur Rosemary Bargo, known to all as Rosie

Going Home To Say Goodbye – Last Voyage on the RMS St Helena

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RMS SOUNDTRACK OF MAGIC MEMORIES | Darrin Henry I can’t believe how sad I feel. After a lifetime of sea travel, here we are savouring our last voyage on the RMS St Helena, bidding farewell to a vital part of our 500-year-old island identity

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