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Model Photo Shoots with WTSDN

Model photo shoots are a big part of our photography adventure. We shoot anywhere, from our own home studio to the streets of the cities we visit.

The studio allows total creative control over lighting and mood. The indoor environment is useful when experimenting with concepts.

Location shoots generate a different kind of buzz. Street fashion is our favourite, especially in big cities while travelling. We have shot on the streets of London, Cape Town, Hanoi, Phnom Penh and Bangkok.


Rio 2016 Olympic Tribute: Brazilian Capoeira Photoshoot

THE DEADLY DANCE OF CAPOEIRA | Darrin Henry It was amazing to be reminded about our Brazilian Capoeira photoshoot whilst watching the Rio 2016 Olympics, the Games had us captivated! Holding our breath through the gymnastics (how do they not get dizzy), discovering the gripping

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