America Still Not Cured Of Racism – Visit to National Historical Park, Atlanta

Martin Luther King Jr Day | Darrin Henry Did Sharon and I experience racism during our seven weeks travelling through the USA, from the deep south of Alabama and Louisiana, to the rolling hills of upstate New York? The answer to that question would

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What People Say About Chicago – Street Interviews in The Windy City

Chewing The Fat In The Windy City | Sharon Henry They say 'look up', as opposed to being fixated to a tiny phone screen. Meaning don't miss the world around you through trivial distractions, look up. However, in Chicago, all you can do is

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A Day In The Windy City – Chicago, Illinois

DOING THE LOOP | Darrin Henry Did you know that Chicago is not the windiest city in the United States? In fact, compared to some other cities it’s not even close. The world’s first skyscraper was constructed in 1885, 130 years ago – in Chicago. Chicago and jazz and blues music

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10 Cheap Or Free Things To Do In St Louis, Missouri

GATEWAY TO THE WEST ON BUDGET | Sharon Henry For a city nicknamed 'Gateway to the West' we found St Louis, Missouri surprisingly quiet, it wasn't quite the thoroughfare the name suggests. At first glance it looked a vibrant metropolis, with full car parks

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Budweiser Tour St Louis And The Making Of An American Legend

Budweiser Brewery Experience | Sharon Henry The Budweiser tour St Louis has me so excited I can’t get Gretchen Wilson’s One Budwiser out of my head. Budweiser beer is an American legend up there with Elvis, the beer tour includes the Budweiser Clydesdales stables

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Fancy Farm Kentucky – People and Belgian Draft Horses

A Quick Stop In The Bluegrass State | Sharon Henry The sight of cute gangly foals grazing on a haystack compels an impromptu stop along Kentucky Route 80 to jump out the car and take a photo. It's too adorable a shot of rural America to pass by

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Nashville Broadway Bars On A Birthday Night Out

THE METRO NASHVILLE BROADWAY SCENE | Darrin Henry A night in the Nashville Broadway bars with live music and drinking Hap and Harry’s Tennessee lager has been a birthday treat I’ll never forget. Live bands playing tonight in the Music City on a Wednesday

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Saying ‘Howdy’ To The People Of Music City, Nashville

Nashvillians On Broadway | Sharon Henry Broadway, Nashville is equivalent of New Orleans’ Bourbon Street; a party hotspot. Though in contrast to NOLA’s blues and jazz, the people of Music City, Nashville are spurred on (pun intended) by country music, steel guitars and cowboy

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State Of Tennessee Capitol Building In Nashville

Behind The Scenes In Nashville | Darrin Henry We’re inside the State of Tennessee capitol building in Nashville USA. It’s the home of the Tennessee Legislature and other important aspects of governing the state. Tennessee State capitol tours are

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