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Rosie’s Bar and Restaurant on St Helena – A Fantastic Grand Opening

THE PLACE TO BE AT SUNSET ON ST HELENA | Darrin Henry Rosie’s Bar and Restaurant on St Helena welcomed over 450 guests on Friday night, 8 December 2017, for a sparkling Grand Opening event, with owner and first-time entrepreneur Rosemary Bargo, known to all as Rosie

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Going Home To Say Goodbye – Last Voyage on the RMS St Helena

RMS SOUNDTRACK OF MAGIC MEMORIES | Darrin Henry I can’t believe how sad I feel. After a lifetime of sea travel, here we are savouring our last voyage on the RMS St Helena, bidding farewell to a vital part of our 500-year-old island identity

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Time-Lapse St Helena: The Firewood Gatherer

CHERYL WILLIAMS, 53, LONGWOOD | Sharon Henry "That picture was taken 33 years ago, I was 20 then. In those days you had to go look for small wood for the next morning so you could get up and light the fire for tea or

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Flights To St Helena Island From South Africa – Ticket Prices & Travel Information

Flights to St Helena Island from South Africa fly weekly, on Saturdays from Johannesburg. SA Airlink use Embraer E190 aircraft on the route, capable of carrying 98 passengers. Return tickets start at £804 and go up to £1,544. After one year of flights we

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Churches, Cathedrals and Places of Worship – Photography Competition

FACEBOOK PHOTOGRAPHY COMPETITION It’s that time of year again – the theme for our third annual photography competition is ‘Churches, Cathedrals and Places of Worship,’ taking place on 8 October with cool t-shirt prizes for the three winners. Entry is free for anyone who has

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Country Shops, Part 4 – Entrepreneurs on St Helena

SMALL BUSINESSES WORKING FROM HOME | Sharon Henry "The shop started in the late 80's," recalls Amelia with a wistful look in her eye, "my Dad (Eric 'Anderson' Andrews,) used to work on the RMS, bringing grocery items from Cape Town and selling them from

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Country Shops On St Helena, Part 3 – Blue Hill and Longwood

PRESERVING THE TRADITIONAL COUNTRY SHOPS, Part 3 | Sharon Henry "We opened this shop in 1974 so it has been going for over 42 years now," says Audrey glancing at the blanket of rain falling just outside her Blue Hill Shop door.

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Time-Lapse St Helena: The International Island Games Gold Medal Shooter

SIMON HENRY, 45, TARGET RIFLE SHOOTER, BUCKINGHAMSHIRE | Sharon Henry "I was nervous leading up to the Gotland 2017 International Island Games; preparation was intense. I had been one of the favourites in the Jersey 2015 Games to medal in the 3P Individual.

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Travel To St Helena By Air – Scheduled Flights Almost Here

Travel to St Helena by air took a step closer yesterday, 17 July 2017, as SHG announced SA Airlink will fly an Embraer E190 every Saturday from both Cape Town and Johannesburg in South Africa, connecting in Windhoek, Namibia. Initially limited to 76 passengers

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St Helena Shooters Off To The Small Island Games, Gotland 2017

GIRLS WITH GUNS ON A MISSION | Darrin Henry Packing three high-tech rifles between them, female target shooters Madolyn Andrews and Jodie Scipio-Constantine are making the epic journey from St Helena to compete at the Small Island Games 2017 on the Swedish island of Gotland.

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