The Brand New St Helena Airport Is Amazing

THE AGE OF AIR TRAVEL TO BEGIN | Darrin Henry “Wow! This, is, beautiful!” I’m completely awestruck having just stepped onto the gleaming concourse inside the brand new St Helena Airport terminal. I’m conscious my mouth is literally hanging open as my eyes dart left and right, but I can’t

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The Cruising Nomads On Yacht Totem Visit St Helena

Eight Years, 26 Countries, 181 Islands | Sharon Henry While most parents were reading bedtime stories to their kids of faraway, mysterious lands, the Giffords – Jamie and Behan – bought a yacht and with their three young children (aged 4 – 8) set off from Seattle, USA to become the lead characters

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First Time Zip Lining With Music City Ziplines Of Nashville

FIRST TIME ZIP LINING | Sharon Henry They say, ‘do one thing every day that scares you,’ and Darrin’s chosen to go zip lining with Music City Zip Lines of Nashville on his birthday, but I don’t think my nerves could take it; would once

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This Is Worth Getting Out Of Bed For – A Thailand Sunrise

EARLY MORNING ADVENTURE | Darrin Henry As memories go, paddling a kayak across the silky smooth water of a lake, watching the orange ball peek up over the mountains for a Thailand sunrise is pretty hard to beat. Forty five minutes ago Sharon and I

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Ice Skating At Alexandra Palace With An Olympic Pro

A PHOTOSHOOT ON ICE WITH MARIA SERGEJEVA | Sharon Henry It's not every day you see a world class Olympic figure skater run through a sequence of impressive moves (elements), ice skating at Alexandra Palace. It's mesmerising to watch and I'm not the only one;

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Sailing St Helena Bay And Screaming At 18 And A Half Knots

SAILING YACHT BANJO IN SOUTH AFRICA | Darrin Henry Here I am with Sharon, screaming and sailing St Helena Bay at an eye popping 18.5 knots on a 31 foot trimaran with 37 knot winds whipping freezing cold salt water all over me

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Rifle Shooting On St Helena – Training For The Sport

TRAINING FOR THE SMALL ISLAND GAMES | Darrin Henry Instead of a Saturday morning lie in, a small, dedicated group of five youngsters are up early, training in the sport of rifle shooting on St Helena and trying to hit a one centimetre bullseye

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St Helena Governor’s Cup Yacht Race Winners – Black Cat

THE BLACK CAT YACHT CREW’S STORY | Sharon Henry It’s tradition to throw the skipper (fully clothed) into the water when you've won a sailing race. Having taken the flag in 12 days with the ocean crossing from Cape Town to St Helena winning

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Governors Cup Yacht Race 2014 – Shot In The Dark

The Governors Cup Yacht Race 2014 was about to welcome the first yacht at St Helena. Photographing the finish of the race was not the blue skies, sunny afternoon, glamour assignment one might imagine. First yacht over the line was Banjo, at 1.53am, and

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