Groot Constantia Wine Tasting Tours in Cape Town

DRINKING BEFORE NOON | Darrin Henry Constantia wine farms in Cape Town produces some of the finest wines in South Africa. The Groot Constantia wine estate is the country’s oldest and most prestigious and offer cellar and wine tasting tours. A great place to

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Doesn’t He Wear It Well? The Saint Napoleon Bonaparte Uniform

Napoleon Bonaparte photo shoot | Darrin Henry A photo shoot with Napoleon Bonaparte! Now there’s one I didn’t see coming. Earlier this year the St Helena Tourist Office bought a replica Napoleon Bonaparte uniform, made to measure for Tourism Projects Manager, Merrill Joshua. After

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Walking Tour Of Historic Jamestown – From Church To The Court House

THE JAMESTOWN TOUR | Sharon Henry Did you know, in her heyday St Helena welcomed over 1,000 visiting ships in a year? Or, that the 'picture' above the Arch is the Coat of Arms of the English East India Company who colonised and governed

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How to Cook St Helena Fish Cakes – A Picture Recipe

THE ULTIMATE FISH CAKES RECIPE | Sharon Henry St Helena fish cakes consumed hot from the pan is one of life's satisfying pleasures, especially after you've toiled in the kitchen for the past hour. Freshly cooked, these fish patties are impossible to resist eating

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Rifle Shooting On St Helena – Training For The Sport

TRAINING FOR THE SMALL ISLAND GAMES | Darrin Henry Instead of a Saturday morning lie in, a small, dedicated group of five youngsters are up early, training in the sport of rifle shooting on St Helena and trying to hit a one centimetre bullseye

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Electric Avenue – St Helena Festival of Lights 2014

RIVER OF LIGHTS THROUGH JAMESTOWN | Sharon Henry Three nights before Christmas, the streets of Jamestown exploded in a dazzling feast of colour and light as the St Helena Festival of Lights 2014 parade organised by Pilling Primary School, gaily 'danced down the street'

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