Vintage Hand Painted Signs – Ghosts Signs In America

PHANTOMS OF MARKETING’S PAST | Sharon Henry Vintage hand painted signs or ghost signs are not, as the later name suggests, signals of being haunted. Rather they are outdoor advertising signs of products and businesses that many themselves have 'given up the ghost', but

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Gulden Leeuw at St Helena With Class Afloat

School With A Difference | Sharon Henry Climbing a 43m mast on sailing ship 'Gulden Leeuw' crossing the Atlantic Ocean in a gale blowing 40 knots is what 18 year old Marcus, from Montreal, Canada, recalls as a memorable experience. It was “the scariest moment” said the student.

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Street Art Graffiti In Toronto – Kensington Market

Graffiti in Toronto is big. The city’s vibrant street art gallery places it amongst the world’s best, making it a totally cool, fun and edgy place to visit. Opinion about graffiti, or street art, is split down the middle; one person's art is another's vandalism.

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Toronto CN Tower – Engineering Wonder of the Modern World

Top Of The Beanstalk | Sharon Henry Just like a magic, giant beanstalk would, the Toronto CN Tower demands your attention. Its gangly, rocketing height is hard to ignore, plus the tower pretty much photo bombs every picture you'll take in the city.

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Visiting Niagara Falls And Finding Out Superman Lied

CANADA’S WORLD WONDER | Sharon Henry If ever there was a time for spectacle screen wipers this would be it, I can barely see and spray assaults my eyes like mini missiles when I take the glasses off. But it's exhilarating and we can't

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