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It’s International Artist Day – Is Photography Art?

INTERNATIONAL ARTIST DAY | Darrin Henry International Artist Day is celebrated on 25 October each year, which prompts debate on who exactly can be called an artist. How do you know? And what’s art and what’s not? Is photography art? “Anyone can take a picture

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The Ernest Tubb Record Shop And The Mid Nite Jamboree

The Man Who Invented Country And Western Music | Sharon Henry Let me tell you a story about the Ernest Tubb Record Shop and The Mid Nite Jamboree. Sunday mornings growing up, my sister and I were subjected to country and western music cranked

By |2017-10-20T09:58:38+00:00September 6th, 2016|Amazing People, Culture, Tourist Attraction, USA|10 Comments

Rio 2016 Olympic Tribute: Brazilian Capoeira Photoshoot

THE DEADLY DANCE OF CAPOEIRA | Darrin Henry It was amazing to be reminded about our Brazilian Capoeira photoshoot whilst watching the Rio 2016 Olympics, the Games had us captivated! Holding our breath through the gymnastics (how do they not get dizzy), discovering the gripping

By |2018-01-04T05:35:48+00:00August 16th, 2016|Amazing People, Culture, Photoshoots, Sport, UK|4 Comments

Historic St Helena Medevac Baby Eli Returns Home

Success Story For St Helena Airport | Sharon Henry Eyelashes fluttering from baby dreams, seven week old Eli Thomas Yon sleeps on his mum's lap, blissfully unaware of the scare he caused his family and medical staff just a day after his birth.

By |2017-07-23T18:36:32+00:00July 25th, 2016|Amazing People, St Helena|5 Comments

First Saints To Fly From St Helena Airport

THE FIRST TIME ONLY HAPPENS ONCE | On 15 December, 2015, Amanda Leo (46), Kira Stevens (33) and Jayne Thomas (22) wrote themselves into St Helena’s history books as the very first Saints to fly out from and in to St Helena Airport, having

By |2018-04-11T02:39:25+00:00June 1st, 2016|Amazing People, St Helena|17 Comments

Governor of St Helena, Lisa Phillips: Inauguration Ceremony in Pictures

A BIG TURNOUT TO WELCOME LISA PHILLIPS | Darrin Henry St Helena’s new Governor, Lisa Phillips, stepped ashore at 8.06am this morning, Monday 25 April, 2016, met on the wharf by the Chief Secretary, Sean Burns and Mrs Marina Burns and also the island’s elected councillors and other government officials.

By |2018-04-25T09:04:28+00:00April 25th, 2016|Amazing People, Culture, St Helena|16 Comments

Governor of St Helena, Mark Capes – Final Report

THE GOVERNOR CAPES INTERVIEW | Darrin Henry Mark Capes, Governor of St Helena Island from 2011-2016, has probably overseen four and a half of the most momentous years of this British Overseas Territory’s history, Napoleon’s exile aside, of course. The building of the airport

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The Cruising Nomads On Yacht Totem Visit St Helena

Eight Years, 26 Countries, 181 Islands | Sharon Henry While most parents were reading bedtime stories to their kids of faraway, mysterious lands, the Giffords – Jamie and Behan – bought a yacht and with their three young children (aged 4 – 8) set off from Seattle, USA to become the lead characters

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Sandy Bay: Most Beautiful District On St Helena

THE PLACE TO RELAX | Darrin Henry Sandy Bay is a bit of a show off among the St Helena districts when it comes to landscape, but you can hardly blame it once you see the place – it really is stunning. Beautiful, charming scenery across the island of St Helena

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Very First Model Photo Shoot for St Helena Beauty, Gemma

INTRODUCING GEMMA | Darrin Henry Lights, make-up and high heels – it’s model photo shoot time. The buzz of anticipation when working with a beautiful new model is one of my favourite moments in photography. St Helenian girl, Gemma Lawrence, is about to do her

By |2018-03-23T01:29:22+00:00February 17th, 2016|Amazing People, Photoshoots, St Helena|19 Comments
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