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CAPE TOWN IN WINTER IS THE BEST | Sharon Henry Blessed with in-your-face natural beauty and a fascinating culture it's easy to see why Cape Town tops travel lists the world over. Did you know visiting Cape Town in winter is

A VISIT TO CAPE TOWN’S MOST FAMOUS ATTRACTION | Darrin Henry The little furry animal on Table Mountain, the Rock Hyrax or ‘dassie,’ is just another of the delightful surprises for visitors to one of the world’s new seven wonders of

MOUNTAIN MEANDERERS | Sharon Henry So today we are hiking the Table Mountain National Park. A somewhat misplaced reputation as 'intrepid' walkers led to an invitation from the 'Mountain Meanderers' of Cape Town, South Africa, to join one of their weekly

WINE TASTING FROM CAPE TOWN | Darrin Henry The sight of helicopters dropping hundreds of gallons of water onto the fires ravaging the Cape Town hillsides is an unlikely backdrop to our very first wine cellar tour. South Africa is responsible

CITY SIGHTSEEING TOUR |Sharon Henry Cape Town is a vibrant, edgy, beautiful and cosmopolitan city, bursting with history and culture; it was recently voted by UK 'Telegraph' readers as the world's number one city destination. A definite 'must-do' and one of our

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