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US PRESIDENT NUMBER THREE | Darrin Henry Try this. Visualise three tourist attractions to see in Washington DC. I bet there’s a good chance our immediate visions are very similar: The White House; Lincoln Memorial and Washington Memorial? Even if you don’t know

THE CITY WHERE EXERCISE IS CULTURE | Darrin Henry There’s a crazy little thing photographers tend to do; set the alarm for stupid o’clock to go bumbling out in the dark in search of perfect sunrise pictures, but in Hanoi, Vietnam,

THE MOTHER SHIP HAS LANDED | Sharon Henry It looks like a spaceship has landed on top of High Knoll Fort. The island's most visible landmark has a new feature of LED up-lights surrounding its base, glowing a rainbow of

[caption id="attachment_5116" align="alignnone" width="800"] Through the window inside the Sandy Bay community centre.Bonfire night in Sandy Bay, St Helena Island.[/caption] Gunpowder, Treason & Plot Remembered On Bonfire Night | Sharon Henry There's possibly no truer example of St Helena's 'Britishness' than our

[caption id="attachment_5098" align="alignnone" width="800"] Fantastic display of lightning off the coast of St Helena Island. Taken from Alarm Forest; Jacob's Ladder (string of lights) to lower right, the single bright light on the ridge is in Half Tree Hollow. Picture

PHOTOGRAPHY AFTER DARK Taking pictures at night is something all photographers end up doing at some point. Obviously without daylight we have to get creative to capture the scene but with a little practice night pictures can be fun and throw

[caption id="attachment_2822" align="alignnone" width="800"] The Bean has quickly become one of Chicago’s most popular tourist attractions. It’s metallic bubble like appearance proves popular among all ages. It is especially fascinating for photographers of all abilities who are inspired by the

COUNTRY MUSIC ON BROADWAY | Darrin Henry Nashville honky tonks are famous and walking into the two storey Rippy’s Bar with its choice of three live bands in different areas at the same time is in complete contrast to St Helena,

[caption id="attachment_2633" align="alignnone" width="800"] Phnom Penh, capital city of Cambodia, in the evening, looking across the Mekong River to the city's Riverfront area.[/caption] ONE NIGHT IN PHNOM PENH | Darrin Henry It will be Cambodian Independence Day tomorrow, 9 November, when the

A DAY IN THE HOME OF THE BLUES | Darrin Henry We’ve been out all morning exploring Memphis, Tennessee. After mostly walking the riverfront and chatting to a few people, we stopped for lunch alongside the very wide Mississippi river. Lunch