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Lally Brown | PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE When Napoleon Bonaparte arrived on the island of St Helena October 1815 to begin his exile, he was accompanied by an entourage of twenty-four people, including Count Henri-Gatien Bertrand, his wife Fanny and their

[caption id="attachment_4575" align="alignnone" width="800"] Longwood Gate, start of the Avenue and a key reference point on St Helena.[/caption] MEET THE COMMUNITY OF LONGWOOD | Sharon Henry Longwood was once perceived as the black sheep of St Helena, perhaps because of a 'bad

[caption id="attachment_2836" align="alignnone" width="800"] Cutting a solitary figure walking up Longwood Avenue, Merrill Joshua as Napoleon Bonaparte walking to his new home, Longwood House. This is part of the Napoleon on St Helena, Bicentenary celebrations, marking the event of 10

THE FACE OF MODERN WARFARE | Darrin Henry I’ve climbed ship gangways hundreds of times but this is a first, being met at the top by men clutching machine gun rifles and dressed in camouflage! Like an excited schoolboy I’m unable

RETRACING NAPOLEON’S FOOTSTEPS | Sharon Henry Two hundred years ago, on 15 October, 1815, St Helena Island was thrust into the limelight with the reluctant arrival of the world's top celebrity at the time, the French Emperor, Napoleon Bonaparte. After his

[caption id="attachment_1817" align="alignnone" width="800"] Longwood House on St Helena, final home of Napoleon Bonaparte.[/caption] THE STORY 200 YEARS ON | Sharon Henry (Article taken from the e-magazine, Breeze) St Helena struck it lucky being the chosen one to take custody of the notorious

[caption id="attachment_1129" align="alignnone" width="800"] With Ngọc Lê Bích and her brothers and sisters who we met in Vietnam.[/caption] WE ARE THE SAINTS | Darrin Henry The island where we are from is tiny; it would fit into the city of Bangkok twelve times

WINE TASTING FROM CAPE TOWN | Darrin Henry The sight of helicopters dropping hundreds of gallons of water onto the fires ravaging the Cape Town hillsides is an unlikely backdrop to our very first wine cellar tour. South Africa is responsible

[caption id="attachment_507" align="alignnone" width="800"] The Napoleon photo shoot on St Helena with Merrill Joshua.[/caption] Napoleon Bonaparte photo shoot | Darrin Henry A photo shoot with Napoleon Bonaparte! Now there’s one I didn’t see coming. Earlier this year the St Helena Tourist Office purchased