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A TALE OF TWO SOUTH ATLANTIC RUNWAYS | Darrin Henry The most crucial St Helena Airport news got hi-jacked last week by SA Airlink’s successful RJ85 Avro flight and the 108 passengers who unwittingly became history makers. Understandable under the circumstances

NOTHING SPLENDID ABOUT THIS ISOLATION | Darrin Henry Today, one year on from the Comair landing of 2016, the St Helena Airport ‘fiasco’ continues. SHG officials and DfID have tried to conceal that “there will be some slight delay” in the new

[caption id="attachment_4437" align="alignnone" width="800"] Baby Eli Thomas Yon, made history when he became the very first air medevac from St Helena in June 2016. After receiving expert medical care in South Africa, Eli has been given the all clear and

[caption id="attachment_4102" align="alignnone" width="800"] The Dassault Falcon 20, landing from the southern approach (runway 02) at St Helena Airport.[/caption] A Baby Needs Urgent Medical Care | Sharon Henry We are witnessing history at St Helena Airport once again. A Dassault Falcon 20