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A CASE OF BAD WIND | Darrin Henry I’m sure St Helena must have been blown a few inches north; it’s been so blustery today! Swelly seas and gale force winds; that’s us at the moment. The blowy conditions I’m guessing was

THROUGH THE VALLEY OF FIRE AND DONKEY POOP | Darrin Henry Thompson’s Valley Post Box walk has somehow eluded us until now, although, making our first venture down the steep, muddy trail in the rain today is probably not our wisest

BUILDING UP CONFIDENCE | Darrin Henry It’s quite mind boggling how every second of the day, photographers around the world are pushing themselves to capture perfect pictures of beautiful women. It’s a trend that’s never gone out of style. An ‘obsession’

The Patience Of A Saint (Photographer) | Sharon Henry We know the drill – alarm, teeth, clothes, flask, gear, car, go – smooth as a black ops team headed out before first light. Camera? Check. Tripod? Check. Biscuits? Check. Kindle

[caption id="attachment_5601" align="alignnone" width="800"] The brooding landmark of Sugar Loaf, viewed from Ladder Hill. The outline of the Banks Battery fortifications can just be seen on the cliffs below to the left.Sugar Loaf Post Box walk, St Helena.[/caption] WALKING THE CLIFFTOP

2016 IN PHOTOGRAPHS, PROJECT 366 | Darrin Henry The next time someone asks me for photography tips, my advice will be: ‘take one picture every day.’ Trust me, this is as solid a ‘sure thing’ as anything out there when it

[caption id="attachment_5251" align="alignnone" width="800"] St Helena Tour in PicturesAn unusual view of the turbines on Deadwood Plain through the long zoom, with the hulk of Longwood Barn rising up in the background.[/caption] PHOTOS FROM THE HARD DRIVE | Darrin Henry Right place,

[caption id="attachment_4770" align="alignnone" width="800"] On an early morning hike to Blue Point, the sun turns the Sandy Bay landscape into a silhouette. The square cornered cliff top in the distance is Sandy Bay Barn, another post box walk. The knobbly

SHARING THE LOVE OF MOBILE PHOTOGRAPHY | Sharon Henry Confession time. I didn't take my camera phone seriously until the batteries ran flat in the compact. This is the first time I've ever made this admission and Darrin, a stickler for