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SA Airlink Lands First Commercial Passenger Flight At St Helena Airport | Sharon Henry The feel good factor oozing around St Helena Airport today was just fantastic to witness. The very first commercial passenger flight into St Helena took place; an

[caption id="attachment_5813" align="alignnone" width="800"] Now you sit there and think about what you did!New Dogs, Old Tricks - Dusty's Dozen.[/caption] Training Dusty's Dozen | Sharon Henry I'm a sucker for pair of puppy dog eyes and when there are eleven little balls

[caption id="attachment_5521" align="alignnone" width="800"] The RMS St Helena's life has been extended following problems with wind shear at the airport. Here she is in December 2016, heading off to Ascension Island on the Christmas shuttle run.St Helena 2016: The Year

[caption id="attachment_5377" align="alignnone" width="800"] Official lighting of High Knoll Fort takes place at 7.21pm, Friday 16 December 2016. The moment is shared by small groups of people gathered at various viewing points around the island.Lighting High Knoll Fort, St Helena.[/caption] THE

GIVE ME WINGS | Darrin Henry There was string, Sellotape, masking tape, safety pins, cable ties, wire, bendy plastic water piping; there were feathers, silky fabric, net curtains, cardboard, crepe paper, painted bed sheets and tin foil; and there was music

A BIG TURNOUT TO WELCOME LISA PHILLIPS | Darrin Henry St Helena’s new Governor, Lisa Phillips, stepped ashore at 8.06am this morning, Monday 25 April, 2016, met on the wharf by the Chief Secretary, Sean Burns and Mrs Marina Burns and

[caption id="attachment_3483" align="alignnone" width="800"] Governor Mark Capes at Plantation House.[/caption] THE GOVERNOR CAPES INTERVIEW | Darrin Henry Mark Capes, Governor of St Helena Island from 2011-2016, has probably overseen four and a half of the most momentous years of this British Overseas