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MODEL CITIZEN WITH THE LONDON LOOK | Sharon Henry Besides the ability to shoot fashion, Darrin's photography skills include the dexterity to fashion a set of gobos from cereal boxes using scissors and sticky tape. We’re on a street photo shoot

SAINT TOMATO PASTE RECIPE | Sharon Henry There probably aren’t many foods that are associated with dancing, as much as tomato paste sandwiches are here on St Helena. So much so we’ve nicknamed them ‘bread ‘n’ dance,’ an island favourite made

THE TROPICAL COVER SHOOT | Darrin Henry A tropical, glamorous swimsuit shoot was always on the cards for our e-magazine, Breeze 3, unfortunately sunshine and clear skies have little respect for well planned projects, even when a beautiful model like Gemma

2016 IN PHOTOGRAPHS, PROJECT 366 | Darrin Henry The next time someone asks me what's the best way to improve photography skills, my advice will be: ‘take one picture every day.’ Trust me, this is as solid a ‘sure thing’ as

[caption id="attachment_5229" align="alignnone" width="800"] Behind the scenes on the Breeze e-magazine photoshoot. Working out the angles/lighting and Sharon shooting some behind the scenes video.[/caption] Emma-Jay’s Breeze Photoshoot | Darrin Henry Five locations, five styles, one beautiful young St Helenian model, all tied

[caption id="attachment_4723" align="alignnone" width="800"] Celebrating International Day of Beauty on St Helena Island.Photoshoot by What The Saints Did NextModel, Jodi Wade; Photography, Darrin Henry; Make-up, Sharon Henry[/caption] Celebrating International Day of Beauty | Sharon Henry Most of us are wired to initially

[caption id="attachment_4610" align="alignnone" width="800"] The Blue Hill photoshoot by What The Saints Did Next.Model, Gemma Lawrence; Photography, Darrin Henry; Make-up, Sharon Henry[/caption] LIGHTING UP THE DANCE FLOOR | Darrin Henry Blue Hill community centre in one of the more remote districts of

PHOTOGRAPHY PROJECT 366 AT HALFWAY | Darrin Henry Any good editor is often required to be ruthless, whether it’s trimming a news report, cutting a film or, in our case, selecting final photographs. Editing your own work is harder as you’re

[caption id="attachment_1529" align="alignnone" width="800"] Jane (left) and Trang (also known as Emily), modelling for the first time.[/caption] FIRST TIME VIETNAM MODELS | Darrin Henry The moment I saw a young lady wearing the áo dài, the traditional Vietnamese dress in Hanoi I

LEES GARCIA; TAKING CONTROL | Darrin Henry Attacked by a dog as a four year old little girl growing up in Puerto Rico, Lees Garcia required stitches to patch up her torn face, yet 23 years later was crowned Miss Grand