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Ticket Prices for Flights to St Helena from South Africa

Air Ticket Prices to St Helena Announced | Darrin Henry

Prices for return flights to St Helena from South Africa will start at £804 (Johannesburg) or £846 (Cape Town).

The ticket prices for flights to St Helena were published today by St Helena Government as part of the Executive Council’s report. The information given was limited, this is the statement covering ticket prices in full:


In the closed session, Council considered the Airlink fares which range from £804 – £1,544 for a return ticket to Johannesburg and £846 – £1,586 for a return ticket to Cape Town. 

It was also reported that Airlink has today received the ETOPs 120 approval from the South African Civil Aviation Authority and that it is anticipated that flights will commence on Saturday, 14 October 2017.  Fares are currently being loaded onto the ticketing systems and a press release with full details will issue shortly to include the date for ticket sales and the distribution channels. 


This raises the question as to how the “range” of the ticket fares will be spread and also the fares to Ascension Island are yet to be published.

Information regarding flight times, baggage allowance, aircraft type and passenger numbers were published last month and you can find all that information here.

See below for a further update from SHG/SA Airlink, published 1 September.

Ticket Prices for Flights to St Helena

Ticket Prices for Flights to St Helena have been announced after SA Airlink, completed a successful proving flight to the island on 21 August, 2017 (pictured) with an Embraer E190, the aircraft which will be used on the route. Photo by Nick Stevens

Ticket Prices for Flights to St Helena – An SA Airlink Embraer E190 will deliver the island’s air service, flying from both Cape Town and Johannesburg, refueling at Windhoek, Namibia. The return flight to Ascension will be flown once per month.


Updates extracted from 1 September 2017 press release and Q&A document:

Ticket Prices

Johannesburg to St Helena return (via Windhoek)

Business Class     £1,544

Upper Economy  £1,244

Lower Economy   £  804


Cape Town to St Helena return (via Windhoek)

Business Class      £1,586

Upper Economy   £1,286

Lower Economy    £  846

The difference in fares between Cape Town and Jo’burg are due to the different airport taxes.


How to Purchase St Helena Flight Tickets

Tickets will be available online via the Airlink website at and through all normal IATA global distribution systems.  Passengers are advised to contact their IATA travel agent.

For those passengers that are resident on St Helena, ticket bookings can be made via Solomon & Company (St Helena) Plc’s Shipping & Travel Agency at the Malabar in Jamestown.  Passengers can visit the Shipping & Travel Agency in person or can contact or telephone 22523.


Times of Flights to St Helena

Departures/arrivals as announced – note all times are Universal Time Clock (UTC):


Johannesburg (JNB) to Windhoek (WDH): 07:00-09:00

Cape Town (CPT) to Windhoek (WDH): 06:30 – 08:30


Windhoek (WDH) to St Helena (HLE): 09:30 – 13:15

Return leg:

St Helena (HLE) to Windhoek (WDH): 14:30 – 18:05


Windhoek (WDH) to Johannesburg (JNB): 18:40 – 20:30

Windhoek (WDH to Cape Town (CPT): 19:05 – 21:00


Passenger numbers

The flights will initially limit maximum passenger numbers to 76, made up of 70 Economy and 6 Business Class.


Fares Between St Helena and Windhoek

SA Airlink currently have stopover rights for Windhoek only.

An application has been made for Fifth Freedom Rights which will allow other passengers to join or depart the SA Airlink flight at Windhoek. It is hoped to have this in place by 14 October 2017 or soon after. Fares will be published once permissions are given.


Air Service Start Date

Saturday, 14 October 2017.

On this inaugural occasion the aircraft will overnight on St Helena and will return to Johannesburg via Windhoek on Sunday, 15 October 2017. Thereafter the service will operate on a weekly basis, on a Saturday.

WTSDN Note: We’re assuming the original plan for a Saturday return to Windhoek and Johannesburg applies, although this detail is not specified in the 1/9/17 press release.


Ascension Island Flights

The monthly flight to Ascension Island will commence on the third weekend in November 2017. Thereafter the flight will take place on the second weekend of every month.

Bookings can only be made with the Ascension Island Travel Agency, although this is not yet available. Once this is available please contact them via email: or tel: +247 66500.

Cost of the flights will be announced shortly by the Ascension Island Travel Agency.


Transfer of Tickets from RMS St Helena to SA Airlink Flight

Passengers booked to travel on the RMS St Helena from Voyage 264 onwards, 21 October 2017, (i.e. at the time that tickets become available for the St Helena Air Service) will be able to transfer their ticket to the St Helena Air Service. No transfer fees will apply.

However, there may be a fare differential chargeable.

Visit the St Helena Government website for the official press release.

This is the end of the key points we have extracted from 1 September press release.


Original blog article continued below.

South African airline, SA Airlink have signed a contract to provide the air service using an Embraer E190 which has demonstrated superior handling in the airport’s strong wind conditions.

The St Helena Airport made world headlines for all the wrong reasons in April 2016 after the first commercial jet liner to land there, a British Airways Boeing 737-800 operated by Comair, struggled with wind shear on its test flight.

Now, nearly 18 months on it appears a satisfactory solution has been found in the shape of the Embraer E190 and a scheduled air service will begin on 14 October 2017.

The start of a scheduled commercial air service will mean the island’s ship, the RMS St Helena, will finally be retired after the original plan to do so was scrapped following the wind shear problems identified at the airport.

Ticket Prices for Flights to St Helena

Ticket Price for Flights to St Helena – The travel times will change dramatically, but it will still be the local people who will set the pace for life on St Helena. Meet the Saints, the people of St Helena.


Ticket Prices for Flights to St Helena – What It Means

The island’s goal of building a self-sustaining economy through tourism can also now gain fresh momentum as the long, five day travel times (one way) are slashed to five hours, making short-term holidays to St Helena more viable.

Announcement of Ticket Prices for Flights to St Helena means hundreds of people can now decide whether to make travel plans and begin thinking about things to do on St Helena.

We would be really interested to know what today’s announcement means for you? Please consider leaving a comment below.


  • Roland Stone

    December 31, 2017

    Hi ,W have been thinking about coming as tourists but the flight ticket prices are huge from South Africa…I recently paid Less for my daughter on Virgin Atlantic return flight tickets Jhburg/Heathrow/San Fransciso/Seattle at nearly 40% less price than from Jhburg/St.Helena reTurn….come on guys, please review your air-ticket prices…

  • Ken Westmoreland

    September 9, 2017

    That’s astronomical! Apologies for the capitals, but that’s what I get when I type into the box.


    September 4, 2017

    What is the difference between the UPPER AND LOWER ECONOMY FARES?

  • Lisa mercury

    September 4, 2017

    Flight prices are very expensive for local saints on local wages.
    Seems geared for tourists and government employees on generous contracts.

  • Antoinette deysel

    August 31, 2017

    Did i miss info on accommodation?

  • Annina Hayes

    August 31, 2017

    Fingers are still crossed for even cheaper prices to fly to Windhoek. Don’t forget Namibia as a holiday and shopping destination; safer and friendlier than SA:) Plus, Shavone and I will be opening our home up in swakopmund as a holiday home for all interested travelling saints- focusing on the positive and what we can change/control:)

  • Peter Fowler

    August 30, 2017

    WELL WEll,well Sold down the River again!! Prices my friend take it or-take A JUMP, HEY!no COMPETITION So….,?

  • Chris Daniel

    August 30, 2017

    Thanks for the summary Darrin. I was also a bit surprised by the prices (and the wide range of prices – how do I get the cheaper ones?!) I would like to go next year some time so now I need to check on things like accommodation, getting around, planning walks, checking out wildlife (e.g. guided visits to see wirebirds?). There will be so much to look forward to!

  • Bill Rothwell

    August 30, 2017

    Hi Darrin – I’ve been following the airport saga for a couple of years and been planning my amateur radio trip for that long also ( The prices are a bit higher than I would have hoped and mean a trip from the UK costs double the price it would have been compared to Atlantic Star Airlines tickets last year – but it seems not to be much different to the boat+flight from the UK.
    I hope to get on the first flight on the 14th October and am rather nervously waiting for the announcement regarding actually buying tickets.
    I also hope flights are a great success!