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Street Signs That Make You Smile And Other Amusements

14. G. A. P. God Answers Prayers
Not associated with the GAP fashion brand. A thought provoking car number plate spotted in Vicksburg, Mississippi.

These Ain’t No April Fool’s Jokes | Sharon Henry

They say laughter is the best medicine and we’ve had a few a good doses during our travels, dispensed in the form of funny street signage and other peculiarities at different places we’ve visited.  Some are whacky and obviously intended to crack a smile while others we guess are innocently unintentional.

So, if you don’t find the funny in some prankster swapping your sugar for salt on this April Fool’s Day scroll through this blog post for a dose of the good stuff.  These are not April Fool’s jokes but actual signs displayed to inform the general public – however, they do make comical viewing.

Here are 20 signs we’ve happened upon that made us do a double take, including a ‘bemusement’ photographed right here on St Helena.

1. Men’s Toilet
Graphic provided for those requiring further clarification of how men do it. Not sure why he is peeing onto the ground or why it then bounces back up again! (Toilet sign at Doi Inthanon, the highest point in Thailand.

2. No Standing
The highway authorities seem very particular in Toronto about when, and when not to stand. This sign on at a busy city junction is difficult not to violate when the pedestrian lights are red. In actual fact, as we later found out, it refers to vehicles and not people – whew!

3. Continental Breakfast?
The ‘schoolmarm’ in me wants to correct the hell out of this breakfast notice at a motel in Jackson, TN, in the US. Although, it should raise a smile from even the grumpiest of non-morning people.

4. Shoplifter Of The Month
There are no prizes for this accolade BUT you do get a snapshot in the shop’s window of your winning submission for the dastardly title. A different kind of ‘name and shame’ going on in New Orleans, USA.

5. Calorie Counting Steps
Excellent motivation to burn off that chocolate bar, how can you not go for the top? Took these steps in Bangkok, Thailand.

6. The Prefect Two-Way
You would have expected three storey high billboard services to also include proof reading – apparently not. Spotted this monstrous sign in Bangkok, Thailand.

7. No…
That’s a lot of NOs. US Government are sticklers for safety rules and regulations to anyone sitting in on a Senate session. This was the ‘no’ list at the Pennsylvania state capital, in Harrisburg.

8. Pardon Our Progress
Atlanta authorities politely apologise for the tardiness in revamping the Centennial Olympic Park. Thought this was one of the nicest ways to get people to appreciate construction work.

9. Please Throw Used Toilet Paper In Bin Provided
This is no joke- even if you do a No 2. This picture was taken in a toilet in Cambodia that had a wastepaper basket at hand. Much of the country’s sewage systems cannot process toilet paper.

10. Do. Not. Smoke.
If the pictures on these cigarette packets don’t have smokers slapping on nicotine patches nothing will. This is a hardcore ‘No Smoking’ campaign in Vietnam.

11. The Bear Facts
If you go down to the woods today, you’re sure of a big surprise… Bears can run 60% faster than Usain Bolt – yikes. Found this notice on the start of a hiking trail in Talladega Forest, Alabama. We survived.

12. No Loitering
Consider yourself warned – or Mr Samuel ‘will be called.’ Apparently signed by the New Orleans Police Department.

13. Free Smells
Sometimes we get ‘free smells’ even when we don’t want them. (Baton Rouge, Louisiana)

14. G. A. P. God Answers Prayers
Not associated with the GAP fashion brand. A thought provoking car number plate spotted in Vicksburg, Mississippi.

15. Best Buns In Town
Pity this establishment was closed, so we couldn’t judge for ourselves. A captivating sign in Avoca, Pennsylvania.

16. We Sell Drinks
An advertising board full of Chinese characters translated simply to three words for us English speakers. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

17. No guns allowed
Sign of the US gun culture. This was in Alabama but saw similar notices all over the country. Definitely not something we would see on St Helena.

18. Hair Growth Guaranteed
Really? If so why use the ‘fell off the back of a truck’ method, surely they’re sitting on a goldmine? Shot this from the car window as we whizzed by.

19. Cupcakes And Shhht
“We’ll have two cupcakes and no shhht thank you.” Amusing shop sign at London’s trendy Camden Market.

…and finally

20. Parking On The Stand
This sign displayed on The Stand car park in Jamestown, St Helena has caused much bewilderment and hilarity to those trying to interpret its meaning.

Hope these signs have provided a healthy dose of medicine, which is your favourite?



  • Andrea

    April 3, 2017

    Hahaha – these are awesome! 😀 The ‘NOT’ throwing paper in the toilet though – Eish! :O

    • April 3, 2017

      I know, talk about a culture shock – but as they say ‘when in Rome…’ Still couldn’t do it though! 🙂