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The Hunt To Catch A Dream

Larry Parker demonstrating the right technique.

Larry Parker demonstrating the right technique.


“What’s this going to appear in, Playboy?” teases 71 year old Larry Parker when we ask for a photo for the blog. Larry is hardly Playboy Bunny material, more like a slim, badass version of Santa Claus. All the same he holds still long enough for us to get a good shot. We’ve only just met Larry but he’s instantly likeable.

Southern Traditional Archery with Katniss

It’s a scorching day and we’re sheltering under an inadequately small gazebo that is attempting to ward off the sun’s harsh rays. We’re at the Winterville Mounds, Mississippi and Larry’s just finished teaching a bunch of kids to shoot a bow and arrow during their school holidays, part of the ‘Catch A Dream’ charity programme.

Emma getting Darrin kitted out to shoot.

Amanda getting Darrin kitted out to shoot.

Southern Traditional Archery at Winterville Mounds, Mississippi, part of the 'Catch A Dream' programme.

Southern Traditional Archery at Winterville Mounds, Mississippi, part of the ‘Catch A Dream’ programme.

Beginner's luck or the bear helped him focus!

Beginner’s luck or the bear helped him focus!

Amanda Simpson (18), a former student, now Larry’s protégé is training to compete in national competition. She’s talented, like a real life Katniss Everdeen. Darrin’s studiously following her instruction for hitting the target, which funnily enough is a bear; albeit a foam one, they are not his most favourite of things.

“Pull all the way back to the chin, look down the arrow as if you’re looking down a gun barrel,” says Amanda. Darrin’s arrow hits dead centre impressing us all. “Beginner’s luck?” he grins.

Catch A Dream, Mississippi – Children’s Charity

Larry and Amanda are sponsored by the Southern Traditional Archery Association, a charity based in Mississippi who as the name suggests aims to keep old methods alive. They have a ‘Catch A Dream’ programme that raises money to help terminally ill kids.

Emma will soon be competing in her first national competition.

Amanda will soon be competing in her first national competition.

Southern Traditional Archery at Winterville Mounds, Mississippi, part of Catch A Dream.

Southern Traditional Archery at Winterville Mounds, Mississippi.

This ‘Catch A Dream’ programme, however, is a little different to what we’re used to on St Helena or indeed UK.

“The association sends terminally ill children and their families on a once in a lifetime hunting and fishing trip,” says Larry. “Some people don’t like that because they say it teaches violence against animals. And they say that while wearing their leather belts and eating steak dinners,” he shrugs.

Last year almost $18,000 was raised. “With a cost of $4,000 a trip we can send a lot of really sick kids and their families,” says Larry. Catch A Dream’s purpose is to fill the ‘gap’ created when the Make-A-Wish Foundation established national policy that precludes granting a child a wish that involves hunting and use of weapons.

Naked and Afraid: How To Avoid Bears

Larry’s the kind of person you’d want on your team in a survival situation. His knowledge of making traditional bows and arrows was utilised by the Winterville Mounds museum who commissioned an exhibit using arrow heads excavated from the mounds. He is also involved with the museum’s annual four-day Native American festival where he coaches archery to up to 4,000 people from his booth. It’s clear he’s devoted to promoting and sharing the skills.

The display inside the museum that Larry helped design.

The exhibit inside the museum that Larry helped design, using ancient arrow heads unearthed at Winterville Mounds.

Larry and Emma.

Larry and Amanda’s accuracy was very impressive.

Hearing about Darrin’s fear of bears Larry offers his advice on bear encounters, (even though he hasn’t seen any himself.) “They are not aggressive unless she’s got cubs. The best thing you can do is sing or stomp your feet, clap your hands or have bells on your walking stick. Let them know you are coming so you don’t surprise them.” Darrin still doesn’t look convinced; we’ll not be hiking in the woods anytime soon.

“That one right there,” says Amanda pointing at the target, “is not going to bother you!”

My turn to shoot and I hopelessly miss the target altogether. “The wind probably got that,” Amanda graciously pipes in. It also takes the rest of my arrows.

Despite my careful aim, today I was only shooting the breeze.

Despite my careful aim, today the bear was safe (from me).


  • Patrick G Henry

    September 22, 2015

    I’ve never tried Southern Traditional Archery, did the Long Bow and Recurve, its an exciting sport. Well done guys I welcome any new techniques, thanks to Larry and Best wishes to Amanda with her National Competitions.

    • September 22, 2015

      We thought you would have liked to try this. You guys are very similar in trying to share a sport to the youth.

  • JJJ Fowler

    September 22, 2015

    Larry looks good for his age, as for the bear….just run Darrin 🙂 Great photos.

    • September 22, 2015

      Thanks JJJ. Larry makes you realise age is really just a number. He’s so cool even at 71 he can accurately shoot a bow and arrow without the use of glasses. As for Darrin and bears…he’ll be taking Larry’s advice; making nuff noise in the woods. 🙂

  • Amanda Simpson

    September 22, 2015

    The photos are great. Mr. Parker is a good teacher and the charity is a good cause. I really enjoyed getting to show you how to shoot and talk to you. We both appreciate you writing this article. It will promote the sport and the charity.

    • September 22, 2015

      Thanks Amanda, it was a pleasure to have met you both, get chatting and to shoot. We hope the turnout for the festival goes well again this year and good luck for your future competitions, keep those arrows hitting dead centre. Go Katniss!


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